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Shipping Containers – The Alternative Method of Moving Your Stuff

There are a lot of transport options out there for those moving home but which one is the best? Well, let’s break it down a bit.

There’s the man with a van but we’d advise against this. Nice though the man may be, his van may not be up to the job (due to age of the vehicle, weight of the boxes, space in the back, etc.) and unreliable transport is not a problem you’ll want to face on moving day. There’s hiring a van yourself but who wants the extra responsibility on an already busy and stressful day? Then there’s your dad and his hatchback. Don’t even go there.

The way forward for safe, secure and reliable furniture removals is the use of shipping containers. ‘But how do they work?’ we hear you ask. ‘Won’t it cost a fortune just to get one delivered to my front door?’ No.  A shipping container isn’t as intimidating or expensive as you may think. There are a number of firms who specialise in container shipping and have networks in place that can deliver shipping containers to your door as if they were new phone directories. And there is one company in particular leading the way on shipping container rental: Seven Seas Worldwide. That’s us by the way.

The Seven Seas Worldwide MoveCube® is our international shipping container service. Essentially, it’s a container inside a trailer which is brought to your home for you to load up. After 4-5 hours, we’ll return to collect the MoveCube® again to take to its final destination. It couldn’t be simpler. We’ve been providing shipping containers for hire for several years now and operate out of the UK, Australia, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and New Zealand. Just between you and me, they’re going down a storm in Australia with other countries steadily going the same way.

Other ship containers supplied by our competitors are often a bit on the industrial side. They’re big, cumbersome and loud metal boxes that will almost certainly guarantee your entire neighbourhood knows you’re leaving. Our MoveCubes® are a bit more user-friendly and won’t make you feel as if you’ve got a job on the shipyards.

We’ve been in the moving business nearly twenty years and know a thing or two about safe and reliable relocation, so talk to us about the easy-to-use MoveCube®, our small shipping containers specially designed for moving the contents of your home - and anything else you can think of - and let us take the stress out of the big day. They're perfect for moving abroad, too!

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