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The StoreCube - A Storage Container, Done Differently

So you've decided it's time for a clear-out. Your home just can't cope under the weight of personal belongings and objet d'art that clutters every room. However, there are a lot of memories caught up in many of these items earmarked for disposal. And who knows, in a year or two, you might be able to get something substantial for it on eBay.

And so you look to the idea of storage units as a solution. Of course the problem with storage units is that you're paying an awful lot of money for empty space miles from your home. Plus, the companies running these storage units don't necessarily bend over backwards to help you (some suitable transportation to their facilities would come in handy).

Of course if you shop around enough, you'll find cheap storage units, though beware; some cheap storage units are cheap because they're not as safe or as secure as the more recognisable names. Sometimes you'll find a couple of guys have just bought a shop or a disused warehouse and thrown your stuff in there with everyone else's boxes without any forethought.

Now we all know who the big names are in self-storage units but not one of them provide some sort of transportation to help you bring your belongings to them. We think that's a bit short-sighted; so we've produced a safe storage container that is brought directly to your home for loading. It's called a StoreCube™ and it might just change the way you think about self-storage.

It works like this: The StoreCube™ is nothing more than a box. The brilliance behind it is that we put it in a trailer and tow it to your address with one of our vans. We then leave the StoreCube™ with you to load for the next few hours. Then we'll return to collect it again. And you can be rest assured that our storage facilities are as secure as any other self-storage facility. 

The beauty of this arrangement of course is that you don't need to make the journey to visit your container. Whenever you need an item from your consignment, just give us a call and we'll just bring the container to you, no matter where you are.

So for a more comprehensive self-storage service, talk to Seven Seas Worldwide. We'll do our best take the 'self' out of 'self-storage'!

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