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International Shipping with Seven Seas Worldwide

Seven Seas Worldwide offers a fast, flexible and affordable door-to-door shipping service, collecting and delivering excess baggage, personal belongings and household items throughout the world via our own shipping network. From extra holiday luggage and suitcases to sports equipment and furniture, Seven Seas Worldwide can assist you with every kind of move. Take a look below at the countries we service and see how we can help you today.

Excess Baggage by Sea

Take advantage of Seven Seas Worldwide's growing global network by sending your excess baggage and personal belongings with us.

Using a shipping company with its own global network means our team will be supporting you from beginning to end. Check out the video to watch the process in action and to see how we can make your excess baggage transfer that little bit smoother.


International MoveCube®

Now we can either collect your boxes and put them in the back of one of our vans or, if you're moving a significant amount of personal belongings including furniture, you can hire an International MoveCube® to do the job.

In case you're not aware of our highly successful service, the MoveCube® is a container which arrives at your door on a trailer. Once the MoveCube® has been filled to your requirements, we'll take it away again and park it outside the door of your new home for unloading.

Check out the MoveCube® section for more information on our revolutionary approach to removals!

Our growing global network

Door-to-Door Shipping

Top quality service
I've used Seven Seas twice and their service has always been top quality. They are easy and convenient to use. My packages have always arrive on time and in good condition. I couldn't recommend them enough.

Emilie Van Baalen