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Your own personal shipping container

The MoveCube® is your own personal shipping container that makes moving home, both here and abroad, as simple as possible. From a one-bedroom flat to the contents of a family home, the MoveCube® offers you unique flexibility when you move.

What is the difference between the MoveCube and a “groupage” container?

How does the MoveCube® service work for me?

The MoveCube® service offers flexibility with collection so you are not limited to packing up all your items in one day. We also offer a two or three-stage payment plan so you never pay your total charge upfront.

What is your two or three-stage payment plan?

The MoveCube® is delivered to your door to be packed at your collection address and unpacked at your destination address. Alternatively, if you live remotely and you have limited choice in your international removal companies, you can bring your possessions to our depot and pack the MoveCube®s you need. Similarly, if your destination address is remote you can collect your shipment from our closest depot to that address.

The MoveCube®s comes in three different sizes:

The smallest is 2 cubic metres internal volume (70 cubic feet), the medium is 3 cubic metres internal volume (106 cubic feet) and a large MoveCube® is 6 cubic metres internal volume. 

What are the MoveCube® sizes?

MoveCube®s can be ordered for different days when you want to clear out your home in phases. So if you want to clear out your bedrooms on one day and then deal with the rest of the house on another day, you can do so.

Taking the example above, if you find having packed your MoveCube®s on the first day that you do not need as many MoveCube®s or perhaps you need smaller MoveCube®s on the second day, then you can change your order at no charge.

Our MoveCube® prices include:

Seven Seas Worldwide directly controls all parts of the shipping process whether through its own companies or partners. We direct the process in both the country from which you are shipping from and in the country to which you are shipping.

No hidden charges guarantee

What destination charges are regularly excluded from quotes by international removers?

You can pack your possessions directly in to a MoveCube® from your home, garage or storage unit. Once full, the MoveCube® is closed, sealed and will not be re-opened until it arrives at your new address unless there is an inspection conducted by Customs or Quarantine Authorities. This will be documented and attended by Seven Seas Worldwide personnel.

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You will be informed the day before your scheduled day when to expect the MoveCube® to arrive. Please have everything ready

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We can hold your shipment for a further two weeks without charge in case of any unforeseen personal issues that may arise while moving.

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You can follow each stage of the progress of your shipment from the moment it has been collected. In addition, once it is at sea, you can track your shipment’s progress in real-time as it moves towards your destination.

See What is the Shipping Process?

Seven Seas Worldwide operates three centres around the world to allow you to be able to communicate with us wherever you might be in the world.

Do you offer multilingual communication?

When can I speak to someone?

All parts of the process can be managed from your dashboard from booking and payment to completing the required documentation. The only exception may be the delivery of your MoveCube®s at the destination when we will contact you to agree on a date.

What does an online dashboard do?

What does the online documentation include?

How Big is a MoveCube®?

Large MoveCube®

Large MoveCube®

H - 1.871m
W - 1.464m
L - 2.264m

B - 61cm

Medium MoveCube®

Medium MoveCube®

H - 1.871m
W - 1.464m
L - 1.114m

B - 61cm

Small MoveCube®

Small MoveCube®

H - 1.871m
W - 1.114m
L - 0.964m

B - 61cm

I couldn't have had a better experience with seven seas they were fantastic the whole time! We've just moved from UK to Australia and I had so many worries about getting our stuff over, but as soon as I ordered my move cube i felt so much more at ease. I couldn't be more pleased with their service."