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At Seven Seas Worldwide, we’ve been helping thousands of customers move their household items and goods around the globe for over 25 years. Our MoveCube® service has played a significant role in this success and has gone from strength to strength since its introduction in 2012. Revolutionising international removals, our MoveCube® service makes moving abroad as easy as possible. However, some safety precautions must be carried out when loading, unloading and transporting your MoveCube® to ensure a smooth service.

Ensuring you, the customer, and our staff stay safe

Safety is our priority; therefore, we must carry out an induction on the day to make you aware of the potential hazards when loading and unloading your MoveCube®. Once complete, you will be required to sign an induction form acknowledging that you have read and accepted the conditions.

Potential risks and hazards

The following examples highlight potential risks that can occur and how they can be avoided:

  • Bad weather can make the vehicle or trailer slippery when wet so it's important not to rush when loading and unloading boxes.
  • Step carefully and ensure you can see where you're walking when using the vehicle ramp/steps to avoid tripping.
  • When lifting, keep your knees bent and your back straight while keeping the load close to your body for full control.
  • Ensure no obstacles are blocking the pathway between your property and the MoveCube®.
  • Stand at least 1 metre away from the tail-lift when in operation (for South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia vehicles).
  • Pack vertically and minimise the items leaning against the interior as the wall will bow and prohibit the closing panel from being attached correctly.
  • Once you have finished loading it is our driver's responsibility to take a photo of the MoveCube® for security purposes, and securely put the door back on.
  • Children should not play within a 2-metre radius of the vehicle or trailer.
  • Please ensure the area is well-lit before your MoveCube® arrives for safe loading and unloading.

For more information, you can contact our friendly support team on 0333 733 7337. Or if you’re happy and ready to move, get a FREE instant quote.