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Moving your personal belongings all over the world

Whether you’re taking a short trip overseas or embarking on a permanent move to internationally, Seven Seas Worldwide can move your items from A to B safely, securely and smoothly. We can handle virtually anything from excess holiday luggage to the contents of a family home with our revolutionary MoveCube® service.

What destination charges are regularly excluded from quotes by international removers?

We have also put together a handy guide to dealing with customs organisations in your destination country of choice.

Student relocating overseas
Lady packing to relocate overseas

Moving abroad with the MoveCube®

Seven Seas Worldwide has been in the moving business since 1996 operating our own secure global network for sending excess baggage, personal belongings and household items.

Our International MoveCube® service moves the contents of your home as safely and efficiently as possible whilst offering enormous flexibility so you can tailor the service to your needs.

What are the MoveCube® sizes?

Find out more about the MoveCube®

A step-by-step guide to our MoveCube® relocation service

You need to decide what you want to send. We strongly recommend decluttering before you send anything

How to declutter before moving?

You need to decide when you want to move. If you are selling your flat or house, do you need to downsize the contents of your home before people come to view the property? Then perhaps you need to place the items into storage before being relocated.


You need to be clear where you are going. Initially a destination town or city should be enough for the purposes of a quote and placing your order. If you are moving abroad then we will eventually need a destination address.

Moving abroad, why do I need a destination address?

You can generate a quote by entering the “from” and “to” details and the size of MoveCube® you need. We would recommend that you also speak to our advisers who will explain the process and your options.

If you decide that you want to proceed then the first activity to be scheduled is the delivery of the Starter Pack. This is included in the price.

What is the Starter Pack and why do I need it?

We recommend that you are present at the delivery to allow the driver to check your address for access of the MoveCube® vehicles and to discuss with you where you would like the MoveCube®s positioned for loading.

What is a Site Inspection?

We do recommend that you take the time to consider purchasing packing boxes and materials from us to allow you to prepare for the arrival of those MoveCube®s you have been quoted. Boxes and packing materials are delivered at the time as the Starter Pack.

You can book online or call us if you have any questions. You will receive the scheduled arrival time of your MoveCube®s the evening before.

What is the best way to load my MoveCube®?

The driver is on a schedule to attend other jobs and needs to leave on or about the end of that allocated time.

What is assisted loading and unloading of the MoveCube®

Your shipment should already be packed and ready on the ground floor and less than 20 metres/66 feet from the agreed location of the MoveCube®s. You will have been allocated a time to load - depending on the number and size of your MoveCube®s.

How long will I have the MoveCube®s to load / unload?

Subject to availability, you can have one MoveCube® delivered on one day, two MoveCube®s delivered on consecutive days or four MoveCube®s delivered over a fortnight, whatever fits your needs!

What combination of MoveCube®s can be delivered?

Once all your MoveCube®s are loaded, they will be relocated to our export hub where the shipment will be prepared for dispatch.

What is the Shipping Process?

You then complete the necessary shipping documentation.

What does the online documentation include?

Then pay the Shipping and Transport charge.

How do I make a payment?

You will be notified of the shipping details once it has been dispatched and you can track its progress online.

What does Transit Time mean?

The online documentation you have completed is then presented to the authorities at the destination country. This is usually Customs but can also include an environmental agency who protect the destination country’s flora and fauna.

Following the presentation of the documentation, there could be an inspection required by either agency.

Once your shipment has completed the importation process into your destination country, you will be contacted to pay the Destination Charges.

Moving abroad, why do I need to pay destination charges?

Moving abroad, what are the destination charges?

You will be contacted to arrange a day or days for the return of your possessions. You will receive a scheduled time the day before the date of delivery.

What is assisted loading and unloading of the MoveCube®

How long will I have the MoveCube®s to load / unload?

If you are not able to receive the shipment, we can hold your MoveCube®s until you are ready or deliver to a storage unit close to your new address.

Moving abroad, 2-weeks storage included at origin and destination

We provide an International MoveCube® service to those moving their personal belongings overseas and a Domestic MoveCube® service for the shorter journey within the country: city to city or town to town. We'll be in control from start to finish.

Packed one suitcase too many? Taking extra items with you such as a musical instrument or sports equipment? Seven Seas Worldwide is also here for sending excess baggage overseas via our global shipping network. We're not just here for those moving abroad. We can be there for every eventuality.

What does a Baggage Worldwide Door-to-Door service do?

"Great service for a fair price.
I really appreciate the little things about Seven Seas like the fact they will only charge you for any ordered boxes that you use, and will carefully package fragile goods like TVs and musical instruments. I loved that I could track my shipment online. Finally I want to point out that I needed to change my deliver address and Seven Seas were very accommodating!"

Darren Paul Beukes