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Tips to get your large and fragile items collection-ready

If you have specialist items you'd like to ship that don't fit inside our Standard or Large shipping boxes, fear not! From road bikes and sports equipment to suitcases and guitars, our expert team can carefully box your goods for shipping alongside the rest of your belongings. All you need to do is prepare them appropriately, so we can safely transport them from your address to our depot.

Begin by informing us precisely what you plan to ship via our online quote tool. We'll then provide an accurate breakdown of the costs and logistics. Any mistake, such as inaccurate measurements, may lead to an increased bill further down the line. So, it's best to be as exact as possible at this early stage to avoid repacking costs!

For the safety of yourself and our drivers, the weight limit for specialist boxes is 30kg/66lbs. Please weigh your containers on bathroom scales before our driver arrives to collect them.


Shipping large and fragile items
Pedal bicycles

To ship adult and child-sized bicycles, thoroughly clean the entire bike. If a local environmental agency discovers any organic matter, it may lead to delays or fines.

Then, to avoid extra charges, remove the pedals. We also suggest removing bike accessories, such as bags, bells and lights and placing them in a separate bag. Please don't lock your bicycles.


The safest way to ship a guitar is in a hard case. Specially shaped to snuggly fit your guitar, they offer robust, firm protection that a soft case cannot match. If all you have is a soft case, cover it in several layers of protective bubble wrap.

Sports equipment

Fully clean and dry all sports and outdoor equipment. Items such as golf clubs, skis, snowboards, and surfboards, are likely to be checked by the destination country's local environmental agency.

If available, place your equipment in the case or bag they arrived in. Cover each item in layers of bubble wrap.


Each suitcase will be placed in a larger box at our depot. Our tailor-made cardboard containers are specifically designed to protect the most vulnerable parts of your case, such as rolling wheels. To avoid unwanted charges at a later date, please provide accurate measurements and be sure to account for things that protrude, like wheels and handles.

Please note: the maximum accepted suitcase size is 89cm height, 59cm length, and 49cm wide.

Measuring suitcases and bags

To measure your suitcase, follow these simple steps:

  • Place your suitcase's smallest end on the floor.
  • Measure the case's height, length and width. Remember to include anything that sticks out, such as side handles, buckles or wheels.
  • Your suitcase will be placed in a larger box at our depot, so accurate dimensions are necessary.


TVs, monitors, large mirrors and picture frames

Due to the dangers of individually packing large, fragile items such as TVs, monitors, mirrors, and picture frames, please don't ship them via our Boxes and Bags Shipping service. Instead, use the MoveCube® to ensure their utmost protection. The MoveCube® is your own secure shipping container delivered to your address, meaning your specialist goods will have the best chance of arriving safely.

As we're keen for your belongings to reach their destination in one piece, we strongly suggest you hire a professional to pack these fragile goods or, alternatively, consider selling them and using the money to fund your trip! However, if unavoidable, please pack them in their original box without any extra items crammed in alongside them. These boxes have been designed explicitly with thick cardboard and polystyrene to protect the shape of your device.