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Moving Abroad Blogs

We know all about relocating and moving overseas. You might not, so we like to share our expertise on moving to another country in our moving abroad blog.

Seven Seas Worldwide van in London

How much does international removals cost?

Discover how much international removals cost from the UK to our most popular destinations, how to save money when shipping and how to get a free quote.

International removals with the MoveCube®

Celebrating 10 years of MoveCube®

Ten years ago, we introduced our unique removals service, the MoveCube®. Learn how it can improve your international moves here.

End of Year Shipments

Important information for customers and those looking to take delivery of their items before the end of 2021.

Ever Given

Ever Given Agreement in Principle

Yesterday an 'agreement in principle' has been reached between the owners of the Ever Given, the Egyptian Government and the Suez Canal operating company.