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Shipping to China during the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2022

Learn more about our arrangements for shipping to China during the Chinese New Year in 2022.

Shipping vessel delivering containers

“Storm of the century” causes delays at the Port of Vancouver

The Port of Vancouver is working hard to clear congestion and get shipping back on track after devastating storms hit Canada. 

Man hiking through New Zealand

New Zealand Reopening

New Zealand has recently announced it'll be reopening its borders in early 2022 after strict restrictions were put in place to tackle COVID-19.

Port of Hong Kong

Singapore Shipping Congestion

As the world gets moving again, it’s clear that the global supply chain has been impacted like never before. What started as a fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic has sparked a domino effect of backlogs and congestion across container terminals globally, resulting in industrywide shipping delays.