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This week, Canada is working hard to clear debris and repair damaged roads and railway tracks after British Columbia and other areas of the Pacific Northwest were pounded by what local officials are calling "the storm of the century". Days of intense rainfall and high winds have caused widespread flooding and landslides, destroyed power lines, and forced many people to evacuate their homes. Alongside these challenges, transportation links to the country's premier maritime gateway, the Port of Vancouver, have also been cut, triggering shipping congestion and delays.

Unfortunately, this latest storm is the second time the port has seen significant disruption in less than a year due to extreme weather, as wildfires wreaked havoc in the region during the summer, further highlighting the need for urgent action to combat the devastating consequences of climate change. Coupled with the spill-over effects of the blockage incident at the Suez Canal and staff shortages because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the port has been battling some arduous odds but continues to work ceaselessly to lessen shipping delays and shift its backlog of cargo.

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At Seven Seas Worldwide, we thank our customers for their trust and patience during these challenging times.

Although there are warnings of more heavy rains coming in the following days and weeks, significant progress has already been made to repair damaged infrastructure, and the port is putting measures in place to counteract bottlenecks. At Seven Seas Worldwide, we thank our customers for their trust and patience during these challenging times and promise we're do everything in our power to deliver your goods safely and as promptly as possible to their destination.

Plus, for additional peace of mind, we recommend you use your online tracker to monitor the progress of your shipment and check it regularly for any updates. Please get in touch with our multilingual team if you require further assistance.

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