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Blogs about Shipping

We know a lot about international shipping & freight. You might not, so we like to share our expertise in moving stuff around the world in our shipping blog.

 International shipping to China

How China's zero-Covid policy is affecting international shipping

In this article, we discuss China's zero-Covid policy and how these regulations are affecting international shipping around the world.

Hiking in New Zealand

New Zealand to reopen borders sooner than planned

With NZ planning to reopen its borders sooner than planned, we look at some of the most unmissable places to visit in New Zealand on your trip.

International shipping in 2022

Global shipping crisis

Here we discuss the outlook of international shipping in 2022 and what we're doing to ensure the safe and prompt transportation of your goods overseas.

Shipping to China during the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2022

Learn more about our arrangements for shipping to China during the Chinese New Year in 2022.