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The New Zealand Earthquake – An Update

State Highway 1 and the rail lines between Picton and Christchurch have been closed since November 2016 after suffering significant damage during the devastating Kaikoura earthquake. However thanks to many dedicated construction crews and engineers working hard to repair all affected routes, there is now light at the end of the tunnel.

KiwiRail has notified that it intends to resume inter-island rail operations from 18 September 2017. However the service will be limited with slower transit times between Auckland and Christchurch. Plus with the nature of further slips and aftershocks, repairs on the rails have experienced the most disruption which means the road network will be the more favoured method of transporting items.

Once the roads are open for business, we will endeavour to make collections and deliveries via the islands a much smoother operation. However if you are planning to use Seven Seas Worldwide in areas affected by the earthquake, please be aware that the reopening of these routes to full capacity will be a slow and meticulous process. But we’re getting there!

Thank you for your patience.

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