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Packing Hints, Tips & Advice

We know a lot about how to pack and self-storage. You might not, so we like to share our expertise on all things storage and packaging in our packing blog.

Living abroad? Worried about Brexit? Planning to return?

Seven Seas Worldwide recommend you plan what you want to send, what you need and what will just take up space in your new home. 

For UK natives currently living in the EU, the temptation may be to return to the UK and Seven Seas Worldwide are here to help you send your belongings back to Britain.

Furniture Removals & Shipping Made Easy

Our amazing MoveCubes offer the most cost effective and stress-free way to handle removals and furniture shipping, and can be delivered all over the world.

StoreCube™ - Decorating

Is there any better storage service than the storage space that can be moved? No need to worry about hiring trucks to tr ...

Shipping Containers (Chinese)

七海国际为你设计了一个搬家零烦恼的服务:送到你家门的移动集装箱。 仔细想想:多麽珍惜的物品就被扔进货车后面?或把它们塞进车子后面?不用了!我们有坚固以及稳靠的小型集装箱——移动木屋专门为长途搬运而设计,最适合搬家了。 移动木屋可以走遍全英国 ...