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How To Unpack

We noticed a small article in the Telegraph last week by Oliver Pritchett about the problem of unpacking after a house move.

A week after moving and Mr. Pritchett claims to be still knee-deep in wrapping paper after overly-cautious removal men sought to give every item a dozen layers. He also blames them for putting items in boxes marked for other items and for putting virtually anything in the box marked 'last minute' (such as a lemon and a pot of flowers).

At Seven Seas Worldwide, we don't just concern ourselves with getting those big old containers on the ships; we're also here to make sure your total experience with us is a rewarding one. That is why we leave the packing to you. We don't get involved in that business because, ultimately, you're the one who know what's best for your stuff. However, we do provide top quality boxes and packing materials free of charge so that you start off on the right foot.

At this stage, our advice on how to pack would not to be vague when writing on the boxes - after all, what does 'last minute' mean anyway? Anything could be in that box and by the time it arrives at your new home, you will have forgotten anyway. Be precise about the room where the box will be going and perhaps list a few of the items too if you've got time. If there's a system in place at the beginning of the journey, there will be a system at the end too.

Perhaps a more useful box would be one marked 'first minute'. This would be filled with things you need as soon as you arrive such as tea and coffee-making facilities, toiletries, cutlery, a corkscrew (optional), and other similar items of urgency. The reassurance of having these items around you will also give you the boost you need mentally to see through the arduous task of unpacking.

Another valuable piece of advice on how to unpack well would be to use a delivery method that demands order. For this, we recommend the MoveCube which just happens to be the creation of Seven Seas Worldwide. For those unaware of this revolutionary option in relocation, the MoveCube is a container on a trailer that comes to your home. All you have to do is load it with your boxes. After a few hours, we'll take it away again to drop off at your chosen destination, door-to-door. Pretty nifty, yes?

But the MoveCube requires focus and planning. You can't just throw stuff on the back of it as if it were a rag and bone cart. Everything needs to be packed carefully so the space in the MoveCube can be utilised successfully. Once you've done a thorough job of loading the MoveCube at your old address, the process of unloading it at the other end will be a most rewarding one.

Mr. Pritchett intends on hiding in the cupboard under the stairs until the unpacking chaos has dissipated. Little does he know that with a MoveCube, he could have been in his slippers and relaxing in front of the ten o'clock news within hours of picking off the first stretch of parcel tape. Don't make the same mistake and give us a call instead the next time you're moving house.

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