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Shipping cardboard box

Shipping Containers (Chinese)

七海国际为你设计了一个搬家零烦恼的服务:送到你家门的移动集装箱。 仔细想想:多麽珍惜的物品就被扔进货车后面?或把它们塞进车子后面?不用了!我们有坚固以及稳靠的小型集装箱——移动木屋专门为长途搬运而设计,最适合搬家了。 移动木屋可以走遍全英国 ...

MoveCube® contents

Think About a MoveCube®

We've received quite a bit of attention on Facebook recently from customers who have moved abroad with a MoveCube®, so w ...

Seven Seas Worldwide in Warwickshire

Welcome to Warwickshire!

Seven Seas Worldwide helps hundreds of customers every day move their personal belongings from A to B, all over the worl ...

Thai charity drive

Thai Smile - How Unclaimed Seven Seas Worldwide Belongings Became Part of a Charity Drive

A few weeks ago, members of Seven Seas Worldwide - and several from Thai Smile - found themselves in a community hall in ...