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How to Pack Glassware

Glassware. The most delicate items you'll be transporting from A to B. However most of us won't take as much time protecting them as we ought to. 

For instance, it's a good idea to line every box carrying glassware with newspaper and bubble-wrap so if they were to fall over, they would avoid any damage. And always wrap items of glassware in layers. One layer of newspaper or bubble-wrap simply isn't enough. 

Another essential tip is making sure that once you've packed your box, you do what you can to make sure the items do not move around inside. Wedge in soft clothes (inside plastic bags), sheets or even polystyrene block holders, if you're able to get your hands on them (have you bought any appliances recently?).

Oh and place all glassware down on its widest part! For more information, check out our humorous little video below.

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