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How to Pack a Bicycle

Packing a bicycle is a tricky old thing to tackle but it's not impossible. Not if you watch our handy 'how to pack a bicycle' video and order a bicycle box from Seven Seas Worldwide. 

The bicycle box isn't just a very big cardboard box; it's been designed specifically to hold in place the frame of a bicycle so that it isn't damaged in transit. All you have to do is remove the the pedals, unfortunately, if they are left on they will an additional charge to remove them. Remember everything has to be wrapped in bubble-wrap and taped tightly with parcel tape.

If you're sending your bicycle abroad to, say, Australia, you must clean your bicycle thoroughly. Customs officials are pretty strict about bringing dirty items into the country. Never underestimate the hygiene concerns of a customs official.

Oh and if you do use a bicycle box from Seven Seas Worldwide, don't put any other item in the box just because there is room. This could jeopardise the safety of the box, and of course, the bicycle. And there will be an extra charge if our team have to remove the pedals on your behalf.

For more information, check out the video below.

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