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You Pack the Boxes - We'll Do the Rest

A lot of shipping and moving companies will insist on packing your boxes as part of the service. Some will tell you that unless they pack your boxes, your goods will not be insured and could be seized by customs which is not true at all. As long as your inventory corresponds with the content of the boxes, there should be no delays. And as for insurance, Seven Seas Worldwide offers 'All Risk' and 'Total Loss' shipping insurance policies that remain unaffected by the choice of box-packer. So that's cleared that up.

Seven Seas Worldwide provides the boxes and the packing materials; it's up to you to pack to your specifications. We feel this is the best way because the only person who really knows where their items belong is you. Hey, we do our best to help you along - our boxes are chemically-hardened to withstand long journeys and our parcel tape, marker pens and bubble wrap are top quality too. Oh and they're free.

Always remember not to overload our large boxes with heavy items and to evenly distribute anything weighty across several of our standard boxes. Large boxes are best for clothes, towels, linen, that sort of thing, whereas standard boxes are better for books, mugs and various household ornaments including that glass thing you got on holiday that has sentimental value but little else going for it. We've provided guides on how to pack bags, parcels and quite a lot else. They're more interesting than you might think.

You can order as many boxes as you want with Seven Seas Worldwide. Any you don't use can be handed back to the driver when they come to collect your packed boxes. Just keep them in good condition. We recommend ordering more boxes than you think you'll need because it's better to have too many than not enough, right? No matter how much you deny it, you will always have more junk than you think. Sorry, not junk - precious possessions.

So there you go. Pack as well as you can and leave the rest to us. We can ship virtually anywhere in the world, door-to-door, from commercial shipping stuff to good old fashioned excess baggage. We're one of the best. Give us a call today or get a free online quote right now. Go on, we dare you.

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