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Sending Milk Powder to China - The Do's and Don't's

Due to the widely-reported Chinese milk powder scandal of 2008, public trust in milk powder products out of China remains significantly low. For this reason, families across China are importing milk powder from overseas. The Chinese government has been closely following this trend and implementing laws and rules to maintain control of this influx of foreign milk powder.

If you're arranging a milk powder consignment to be sent to China from overseas, remember these important points:

  • You must classify your shipment as 'personal effects'
  • The quantity of milk powder must not exceed 6kg per parcel
  • If your shipment exceeds this weight, it is automatically classed as 'cargo' and tax will need to be paid on it
  • The tax rate is 10%
  • If the total value of items sent exceeds 2000 RMB, these will be taxed too

With these measures in place, Seven Seas Worldwide has set up MilkMail, a service designed for the sole task of delivering milk powder to China as efficiently and safely as possible. We provide what we call a 'Mail Box' which has been created to hold the permitted number of milk powder cans for each journey at an affordable rate.

In addition to MilkMail, we've also rolled out MilkMail Plus, a service where we buy the milk powder on your behalf before sending it direct to China by air. All you have to do is make the order. For more information, check out the MilkMail section of the site or get a free quote now via our freight calculator

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