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Sending Stuff to South Africa Just Got a Bit Easier

We won't lie to you - this is probably only going to interest you if you're sending stuff to South Africa. However, from the kind of figures we've been receiving here at SSW HQ, that appears to be quite a lot of you. With that in mind, we're doing our best to make getting your personal belongings (and all other types of shipping to South Africa) easier than it used to be.

Whether you want to send a bag of clothes for charity or send the entire contents of your household back home, Seven Seas Worldwide can do the lot.

In the past, all customers were required to be in South Africa to receive their items otherwise SA Customs would treat the whole lot as a commercial import and tax accordingly. Not anymore. We have streamlined the process to reduce the documentation and minimise payments to SA Customs. With our own network in place in South Africa to import, customs clear and deliver your items to your chosen South African address without you needing to set foot there.

We will send you emails confirming each step of the process and letting you know the progress of your shipment. This can only be done because we control the whole process in the UK to SA, so we know what's happening.

But it doesn't stop there. Shipping documentation also made it a prerequisite that customers send their passports to us once they arrived in South Africa. We know it made people feel a little queasy to send off something as important as a passport so if you're returning from South Africa, we'll no longer ask this of you. It can remain in your 'safe place' (under the sofa where you kicked it by accident the other day).

So there you go. Not bad huh? If you're sending items to South Africa, Seven Seas Worldwide should be your first choice. We've reorganised the shipping process to make it as customer-friendly and cost-effective as possible. Get a shipping quote today and see how we can help you.



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