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New Zealand Earthquake Update

As news agencies have been reporting this week, New Zealand has been hit by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake followed by hundreds of tremors including a 6.3-magnitude quake on the South Island. The northeast of Christchurch has been cut off by landslides with thousands of tourists reportedly stranded in the town of Kaikoura.

This has led to severe disruption on roads, rail and sea, the length of which cannot be estimated. With regards to the transportation of Seven Seas Worldwide, we are doing all we can to stay on top of the situation so that there are no significant delays to New Zealand shipments. However new routes will need to be established which may have an impact on collection and delivery times.

If you are a customer shipping items to or from New Zealand with Seven Seas Worldwide, please be assured we will do our best to update you of every significant development.



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