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End of year shipments: guidance on the best actions and routes

As the December holiday season fast approaches, we are seeing an increase in shipment orders. This is a usual seasonal trend that we have seen every year for the past 25 years. But what isn’t usual is a global pandemic.

We are experts in navigating your shipments to get them where they need to be, safely and on time, but at this current moment, we face unprecedented challenges, as does the rest of the industry and indeed the world.

This year we’ve decided to begin our end-of-year planning earlier than usual, to consider all the changing variables as well as holiday seasons globally, to ensure our customers can confidently ship their belongings.

There will be no collection cut off dates this year as we don’t want to disappoint our customers if, for reasons beyond our control, there is delay in the journey. Instead, we strongly recommend  customers who need shipments by the end of this year to ship sooner rather than later.

Whilst this situation isn’t for the long-term, we do know it will impact a few of our customers.  Please know we are doing all that we can to help navigate these unchartered waters. Knowing shipping routes as we do, and with our trusted network, we are working with relevant industry partners on the best possible solutions.

For example, for certain routes we have arranged lanes which may not be the fastest traditionally, but if space is secured, they will arrive as close to the desired delivery time as possible. Additionally, throughout the process you will be able to use our online tracker to see progress; we recommend you  check it regularly for updates. 

Over 40,000 people globally ship with us every year. Thank you for your ongoing trust;  we are here to support, to guide, and to deliver your belongings to you safely.  Just like we have for the past 25 years.

For further enquiries you can contact us here. The dates we provide on our quotes are estimates and are sometimes subject to change.  Please read our terms and conditions or our insurance terms and conditions for further clarification. 

Please note that this doesn’t apply to air shipments which, at time of publishing, can still be sent in early December.

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Robin heads up the sales and marketing team here at Seven Seas Worldwide.  Robin has a wide range of experience developing and growing businesses across a number of different verticals.  He lives in Kent with his partner, 2 Golden Retriever Dogs and 1 cat.  An ex social rugby player Robin now enjoys the occasional swim and the odd Skiing break.  Robin also loves to be social and when not entertaining he is trying out pubs and restaurants in the local area.