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Over the past few days we have received a number of queries regarding our shipments as there are worldwide transportation issues which are not isolated to Seven Seas Worldwide or our customers.   The impact of this could be in effect for the next 3 months as the shipping industry continues to get back on track, this should have a minimal impact on our customers and we will continue our commitment to ensure your shipments are collected and delivered as quickly as we can.

In this Q&A we answer some of the key questions we have received.

How has Covid-19 impacted on the worldwide shipping industry?

Following the spread of Covid-19 and the resulting widespread lockdown, the shipping industry saw demand for its services dramatically fall back. They reduced the number of ships on routes and supporting staff. This also resulted in containers being left once emptied of their load with no return load which filled up the ports. The ports also cut back capacity to process shipments.

What happened after lockdown?

Once the various lockdowns around the world were lifted, demand massively surged back. This was part pent-up demand and part the existing growth. The change created an on-going carrier capacity and container imbalance issues. Basically the ships were all in the wrong place.

What does this mean?

The shipping lines are struggling to relocate containers where they are needed, resulting in delays, (see these articles from BIFA and The Journal of Commerce) the ports are struggling (from Fleetmon) to process the imports (from the BBC) and the user of shipping services, including Seven Seas Worldwide, are suffering delays to shipments whilst suffering mounting surcharges see these articles from the CMA and The Journal of Commerce).  

How has this affected my shipment with Seven Seas Worldwide?

Some of our services have been affected across a large number of routes.  We have been working hard with our shipping partners to obtain the promised space and capacity but there will inevitable delay's beyond our control.  We are facing a number of issues which include:

  • The container carrying your shipment is moved at the last minute to a later departure date
  • The journey that the ship your shipment is on is cancelled or postponed
  • Departures are delayed at various ports en-route
  • Limited space on ships

We are working hard to navigate these issues and ensure we do all we can to get your shipment to you.

What about the run up to Christmas and the end of 2020?

The situation is further exacerbated by the run up to Christmas.  As much as we are working hard to ensure we keep to our scheduled and promised delivery times, there may of course be delays on some shipments and routes.

Which ports or routes are most affected?

Seven Seas Worldwide is still operational and we are still moving your belongings on all routes, we are just having to navigate and find the best and quickest solution in order to ensure we minimise any delays and inconvenience to our customers

What is Seven Seas Worldwide doing about this?

Seven Seas Worldwide will keep you informed of the changes to the arrival times as they are supplied to us by the shipping lines and we guarantee that will not apply any additional charges to those already quoted.

We will keep our trackers as updated as we can and customers may find that their shipment stays longer in ports or in depots whilst we arrange carriage.

What about new jobs?

There is no effect on new jobs we are still competitively priced and we have increased the transit times on our new jobs to reflect the delays so customers will have a realistic expectation of when items will arrive.  


If you do have any concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.


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