Get it There for Christmas!

29 September 2017

 If you are hoping to send special items in time for Christmas, here are the dates you need to know!

Final Shipping Dates for Christmas 2017

DestinationsFinal Dates
Australia 6th October
Canada 13th October
China 20th October
Hong Kong 20th October
Malaysia 20th October
New Zealand 6th October
Singapore 20th October
South Africa 2nd October
Taiwan 20th October
Thailand 20th October
USA 13th October

IMPORTANT These dates apply to the final dates for payment to be cleared so your shipment can go ahead. This means you will need to have your boxes, bags or MoveCube already collected and all your documentation completed correctly.


The New Zealand Earthquake – An Update

05 September 2017

State Highway 1 and the rail lines between Picton and Christchurch have been closed since November 2016 after suffering significant damage during the devastating Kaikoura earthquake. However thanks to many dedicated construction crews and engineers working hard to repair all affected routes, there is now light at the end of the tunnel.

KiwiRail has notified that it intends to resume inter-island rail operations from 18 September 2017. However the service will be limited with slower transit times between Auckland and Christchurch. Plus with the nature of further slips and aftershocks, repairs on the rails have experienced the most disruption which means the road network will be the more favoured method of transporting items.

Once the roads are open for business, we will endeavour to make collections and deliveries via the islands a much smoother operation. However if you are planning to use Seven Seas Worldwide in areas affected by the earthquake, please be aware that the reopening of these routes to full capacity will be a slow and meticulous process. But we’re getting there!

Thank you for your patience.

New Zealand Earthquake Update

18 November 2016

As news agencies have been reporting this week, New Zealand has been hit by a 7.8-magnitude earthquake followed by hundreds of tremors including a 6.3-magnitude quake on the South Island. The northeast of Christchurch has been cut off by landslides with thousands of tourists reportedly stranded in the town of Kaikoura.

This has led to severe disruption on roads, rail and sea, the length of which cannot be estimated. With regards to the transportation of Seven Seas Worldwide, we are doing all we can to stay on top of the situation so that there are no significant delays to New Zealand shipments. However new routes will need to be established which may have an impact on collection and delivery times.

If you are a customer shipping items to or from New Zealand with Seven Seas Worldwide, please be assured we will do our best to update you of every significant development.

Shipping Routes to Norway and Switzerland Reopened

03 November 2016

Due to changes in import regulations that took place this year, Seven Seas Worldwide was forced to suspend all shipping services to Norway and Switzerland. However we are pleased to announce that with immediate effect, our Baggage Worldwide service is open for business once more in both of these countries.

Our Baggage Worldwide shipping service collects and delivers your excess baggage and personal belongings for you. We’re world leaders when it comes to unaccompanied baggage so take a look at our section on the website and see what we can do for you in both Norway and Switzerland.

If you've packed one suitcase too many or you have to send items to Norway or Switzerland that can't be packed into a box like sports equipment or skis, our excess baggage service is all you need. Whatever the item, we can collect and deliver it, door-to-door, all over the world. Get a free online quote now and see how much you could save.


Sending Christmas Decorations - Things You Need to Know

18 October 2016

Forgive us for mentioning Christmas in October but as a shipping company, Seven Seas Worldwide have to plan ahead and, if you're sending items abroad this Christmas, so should you.

Let us ask you this: Are you sending any packages to friends or family living abroad this Christmas? Do the packages contain festive ornaments and decorations such as a Santa figurine or a traditional Christmas wreath? We're not ones to pry, we believe you should celebrate Christmas however you wish! The only problem is if you're sending these gifts to Australia and New Zealand, you may find that they will be sent back to you, or more likely, confiscated.

But why should this be? Are customs officials notably less festive than other citizens? Well no, that would be unfair. We're sure there are plenty of inspectors who come to work in December with tinsel round the brims of their hats. No, this is a simple reflection of Australia and New Zealand's stringent quarantine laws that prevent any item from entering the country that may be dirty or may have come into contact with the earth and not been sufficiently cleaned. From our experience, pine cones are very popular as part of Christmas ornaments and decorations, so if you're sending anything with pine cone adornment or similar, we urge you to think twice before sending.

Australian and New Zealand Quarantine laws also request that boots, camping equipment and other outdoor items are thoroughly cleaned before packing off and sending. Any evidence of dirt could mean the worse for your consignment. For more information, call a member of the team or visit our shipping pages.