Moving to South Africa - What You Need to Know from Those in the Know

15 April 2014

Moving to South Africa

The title blows our own trumpet somewhat but we believe it to be accurate. Seven Seas Worldwide has worked with tens of thousands of customers moving abroad to South Africa, plus we have our own bases there so we know a thing or two about what it takes to make a go of it in SA.

Moving abroad anywhere is a task and a half. It's one of the most stressful things a human being can do. Now that's a fact, probably. Therefore when the decision has been made that leaving the UK for better prospects is a viable option, it's important to do as much research as possible on the country in question because the journey is a lot longer coming back.

If you're leaving the UK for sunnier climes in South Africa, it's worth noting that South Africa can still get a bit chilly during July and August, and thunderstorms are quite frequent from November through to March. Plus if you're looking to save on energy bills by moving to a warmer climate, remember some countries charge higher than other countries for electricity and gas supply anyway. Find out about your specific destination and perhaps contact someone there to work out the monthly costs.

You know what else you should keep an eye on? Local politics. We know it's not something that sends the heart racing but it's worth monitoring because these are the people responsible for passing legislation that could affect you and your rights as an immigrant. Yep, that's what you are now.

Talk to a tax advisor beforehand to ensure you're not hit with any nasty tax bills, particularly if you're buying property overseas.

Naturally, you will need to apply for a visa. To obtain any kind of visa, you will need to have a radiological report, police clearance, the cash equivalent of your airfare home and a routine medical. If you're moving to South Africa to retire, you will need to possess assets worth R20,000 a month which works out to about £1,420.

Illnesses to be vaccinated against if moving to South Africa include cholera, hepatitis A and B, rabies and typhoid. There's no NHS in South Africa so any medical treatment you receive you will have to pay for. The cost is based upon your salary and how many dependants you have.

South Africa currently has 38,000 UK citizens so perhaps one or two over there will help make your transition easier.

Don't forget that another factor in ensuring an easy transition is Seven Seas Worldwide! We operate a fantastic MoveCube service in South Africa which is proving very popular with ex-pats. The MoveCube is essentially a container on a trailer that visits your home for loading. Once you've loaded your personal belongings and treasured possessions onto the MoveCube, we will then transport them to your chosen destination in South Africa, wherever that may be. It makes this whole shipping to South Africa malarky a bit easier, which is kind of the point.

Give us a call today or get a free online quote from that big button up there.

Oh and best of luck.

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Sending Stuff to South Africa Just Got a Bit Easier

26 February 2014

Easier Shipping To South Africa

We won't lie to you - this is probably only going to interest you if you're sending stuff to South Africa. However, from the kind of figures we've been receiving here at SSW HQ, that appears to be quite a lot of you. With that in mind, we're doing our best to make getting your personal belongings (and all other types of shipping to South Africa) easier than it used to be.

Whether you want to send a bag of clothes for charity or send the entire contents of your household back home, Seven Seas Worldwide can do the lot.

In the past, all customers were required to be in South Africa to receive their items otherwise SA Customs would treat the whole lot as a commercial import and tax accordingly. Not anymore. We have streamlined the process to reduce the documentation and minimise payments to SA Customs. With our own network in place in South Africa to import, customs clear and deliver your items to your chosen South African address without you needing to set foot there.

We will send you emails confirming each step of the process and letting you know the progress of your shipment. This can only be done because we control the whole process in the UK to SA, so we know what's happening.

But it doesn't stop there. Shipping documentation also made it a prerequisite that customers send their passports to us once they arrived in South Africa. We know it made people feel a little queasy to send off something as important as a passport so if you're returning from South Africa, we'll no longer ask this of you. It can remain in your 'safe place' (under the sofa where you kicked it by accident the other day).

So there you go. Not bad huh? If you're sending items to South Africa, Seven Seas Worldwide should be your first choice. We've reorganised the shipping process to make it as customer-friendly and cost-effective as possible. Get a shipping quote today and see how we can help you.

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Door-to-Door Shipping - We've Got it Covered

18 February 2014

Door-to-Door Shipping

A lot of people ask "What the heck is it that you do?" and we'd be the first to admit that our business doesn't leap off the internet page and smack you around the face. That'd be weird if it did. So in this post, we're going to boil it down to one aspect of our service: Door-to-door.

We're very proud of the fact that we operate a service which is door-to-door for baggage shipping (and parcel shipping....and just about everything else shipping for that matter) throughout the world. Our competitors aren't as committed to door-to-door as we are. They'll lay it on thick about their professional service and shiny vans but they won't be as vocal about the fact that they'll drop your belongings off at the airport or a depot for you to pick up.

Imagine you're moving house. Yes, we know, even thinking about it is enough to send you hiding in the cupboard under the stairs. Now imagine you're moving to another country. The sheer volume of work involved is enough to make you rethink. But that's where Seven Seas Worldwide comes in. We're here to pick up all your packed boxes from the front door of your old address and ship them (or send by air freight) to the front door of your destination country. Our service is secure, reliable and affordable, so all you need to do is put your affairs in order and hug as many friends and family as you can before you leave for good, safe in the knowledge your stuff will be waiting for you at your new address.

Of course, you don't need to be moving house at all. Let's just say you're going on holiday from the UK to Australia and find you've packed too much for the journey. Providing you book ahead in time, Seven Seas Worldwide can ship your excess baggage abroad to your holiday destination, door-to-door. In fact, if you just want to board your plane with hand luggage and a magazine, we can take care of sending every item of your luggage abroad. No hidden baggage fees, no waiting by the carousel, no heavy luggage to drag around and a lot less time spent queuing. Think about that for a moment.

Now we can't offer a door-to-door service everywhere - despite the saying, the world is actually quite big, you know - but we operate a comprehensive door-to-door service in our key countries so get an instant quote now and see if we cover your area.

If we do, you won't find a better deal anywhere else.

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The Best Holiday Deals Around (So Far)

29 January 2014

Holiday Deals In January 2014

That's it. We've had enough of the grim weather: Flooding, high winds, torrential rain - it's just too much. So to cheer ourselves up and hopefully you too, we've compiled a list of the best holiday deals around if you're thinking about getting away soon. And if you need a hand with excess baggage, don't forget, Seven Seas Worldwide are experts in international shipping.

First off, have you ever thought about Dubrovnik? Okay, you won't be escaping to a tropical climate but as Dubrovnik is located on the Adriatic coast, it enjoys milder winters and February is noticeably warmer than the UK. Plus, you can get some great deals right now flying out from London, with prices starting at £65.

Freedom Asia are offering a 9 night trip to Bangkok and Koh Samui for only £349. After sampling the unique Bangkok night life for 2 nights, you will then be transported to the idyllic island of Koh Samui, Thailand's second-largest island after Phuket, to spend the rest of your vacation. Seven Seas Worldwide offers a comprehensive door-to-door service for shipping to Thailand, so if you end up facing a trip back home with one or two gifts from the Bangkok street markets that you can't pack in your luggage, talk to us about shipping your belongings back home.

Fancy a break to Fuerteventura for only £299? Tour Center can fly you to the Globales Costa Tropical Apartments for 8 days of sun, sea and savings. Or if you're looking for an all inclusive break with 5 star treatment, take a look at the offer from Broadway Travel which will send you and your family to the Diamond Hill Hotel in Alanya, Turkey. For 7 nights at £299, you will be enjoying ultra all inclusive treatment at the Diamond Hill, a waterfront high-rise establishment offering breathtaking views and sumptuous architecture (check out their glass elevator).

And finally, for just £399, you and your partner could be flying off to the five star Radisson Blu Resort in Sharm el Sheikh, a stunning location situated on the shore of the Red Sea courtesy of a1 Travel. You've not got long - the deal lasts until the end of the month.

If you're planning on a trip abroad for half-term or beyond, remember to talk to Seven Seas Worldwide about shipping your belongings and excess baggage door-to-door. With our unbeatable rates and an efficient service, the convenience of flying light and leaving your stuff with us is the perfect option for the seasoned holidaymaker.

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Where to Go (and Where Not to Go) in Canada

22 January 2014

Visiting Canada

Canada is cold. In fact, right now it's too cold even for Canada. Even the penguins at Toronto Zoo are requesting hats and scarves. But there's more to Canada than the temperature. Walk with us now as we guide you through Canada's hotspots (figuratively speaking) as well as highlighting what to avoid.

If you're travelling to British Columbia, we would recommend the Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay on Vancouver Island. Established by Robert and Jennie Butchart in the early 20th century, the Butchart Gardens provide a glorious collection of flora, birds and outstanding bronze sculptures. Old Québec, a historic neighbourhood in Quebec made up of an 'Upper Town' and a 'Lower Town' is a UNESCO World Heritage site offering a fascinating insight into Quebec's history as well as being home to a plethora of charming side-streets, cafés and shops.

If adventure is more your bag, we suggest heading for the Rocky Mountains. However don't just grab some rope, put on your best spiky boots and hope for the best. The majority of the Rocky Mountains is protected by public parks so you'll need a permit. Plus mountain schools operate in the Rockies, leading regular trips around this vast mountain range, so be safe and do it properly, ya hear? It's a very family-friendly location too, offering a wide range of activities including hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, snowboarding and even gondola rides.

And then of course, there's Niagara Falls. Comprising of three separate waterfalls, Niagara Falls is a truly magnificent and unforgettable destination, straddling the border between the United States and Canada. Watch from the observation decks or take a boat ride to get a little closer to its immense power which plays a large part in the production of renewable energy.

We may have to do a 'Part 2' for this post as there are literally hundreds of wonderful places to visit in Canada. But for now, let's turn our attentions to places not to visit. Let us not forget that a vast portion of Canada is wilderness so if you're looking to go off the beaten-track for some extreme hiking action, you might be wise to look out for the following inhabitants:

The Massasauga Rattler - This is Canada's only poisonous snake. It's distinctive rattle should give you enough warning to walk in the opposite direction, though it will only bite humans if it feels threatened.

The Black Bear - This beautiful but dangerous beast is responsible for ten Canadian deaths in the last ten years. They are similar to grizzly bears in that they do not view humans as prey and will only attack if surprised or defending their offspring. In fact, if you see a black bear, it may try a few 'mock charges' to make you leave. We wouldn't argue with that.

The Moose - An animal that is likely to charge at you (and mean it) is the country's own mascot. Apart from being the cause of many a driving accident, the moose is also a dangerous animal that - when threatened or cornered - will attack a human with its front and back legs. They attack humans more than bears and wolves combined and although the results are rarely fatal, take it from us you're going to be sore in the morning.

If you're holidaying in Canada, moving to Canada for studies or taking up residence with your family, don't forget to talk to us - we can move your personal belongings and excess baggage for you, door-to-door, at a very reasonable price. We're experts in shipping to Canada, after all. As well as places to go in Canada. And...places not to.

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