Starting a New Chapter - Storing with a MoveCube

08 September 2014

Moving Home with a StoreCube

There's no way of sugar-coating it: If you're moving abroad, there's a lot to do. Every day thousands of people step on a plane, bound for a new home and a new life abroad. And many of them wonder how on earth they managed it. But with the right balance of preparation and level-headedness, starting a new life overseas can be achieved without the stress. One way of ensuring things do go smoothly is by employing a StoreCube™.

What makes moving overseas so stressful (for the most part) is the sheer logistical planning towards transporting every item in your possession from A to B. In some cases, these items also need to be stored away before they can be moved while you ensure everything is in place at the other end of the journey. The more companies you call in to deal with this transfer, the more complicated it will be. This is why Seven Seas Worldwide has developed a method of moving and storage that simplifies the journey - the StoreCube™.

The StoreCube™ is a container inside a trailer that we park outside your home - all you have to do is load it with your belongings. It also comes in three sizes, depending on the contents of your shipment. If you are faced with the problem of storing your items before they're moved to their final destination overseas, Seven Seas Worldwide can help. Before us, if you wanted to store your belongings somewhere safe, you would have had to transport it to one of those expensive, brightly-coloured self-storage facilities. Not anymore. A StoreCube™ can collect and store your items before then transporting them to your new address abroad. Just call us to arrange a time and date and we'll be there. It's like a taxi service for your belongings and it means never having to visit a storage facility ever again.

If you're moving abroad soon, the StoreCube™ could well be the answer to all your logistical problems. Give us a call or try our free quote engine. You've got nothing to lose.

Oh and good luck with the move!


The StoreCube - The Answer to Storing and Moving

01 September 2014

Storage and Moving

Let’s get this straight. The idea of moving home is exciting; the actual task of moving home is a pain-in-the-neck. So how do you concentrate on the exciting stuff like your new home, your new job and the new chapter in your life, and spend less time worrying about furniture removals?

At Seven Seas Worldwide, we think we may have the answer. It’s called the StoreCube™. The StoreCube™ provides everything you need for safe transportation of your items from A to B. But it does more than that.

Let’s say it’s logistically impossible to move from your old home to your new home on the same day. What do you do with your belongings in the interim? Well, this is why we’ve called it a StoreCube™. With a StoreCube™, we can transport your items to one of our secure storage facilities and store them there until you’re ready to move into your new place.

Now with most self-storage firms, you will need to hire a van or borrow a friend’s station wagon to transport your items from your old address to the self-storage building. This means not only extra expense but also the added strain of transferring everything from your vehicle to the storage space.

The StoreCube™ however arrives at your home inside a trailer. All you have to do is load it and we’ll take it away again. When you’re ready to receive your belongings once more, just arrange a time with us and we’ll swing by your new address for unloading. You’ll never have to visit a brightly-coloured self-storage building ever again.

Sound good? Of course it does. For more information about the StoreCube™, check out the website or get a free instant quote now and see what we can do for you.

StoreCube It - Making Self-Storage a Thing of the Past

20 August 2014

Use the StoreCube™ for a cheaper alternative to self-storage

You've decided the living room is looking drab these days. Too much reliance on cream colours and neutral shades. 'It's time for a change,' you think to yourself. So off you pop to B&Q to buy a few tester pots. As you peruse the aisles, you also notice some fabulous lampshades that would work marvellously with your colour scheme. After that, a space-saving set of drawers catches your eye. Later on, you discover a TV unit that would look ideal in the corner next to your DVD tower. Before long, you decide that the whole room is in need of more than just a lick of paint.

But here's the thing. There's a lot of furniture, ornaments and general...stuff in your living room and you've nowhere to put it. So what are your options? Well firstly, you could put everything in the front garden. Now there is a chance that everything could be damaged by rain. Also, you could be the victim of a prankster who nails a sign next to it that says "Yard Sale", so it's probably one of the riskier choices. Secondly, you could move everything into the hallway. This would mean not having a functioning hallway for the whole time you're decorating. Thirdly, you could teleport your items to a secure location anywhere in the world. The only downside to this solution is teleportation technology remains largely fictional.

Fourthly, you could rent space in a self-storage facility. However, the price of the rental combined with the impracticality of transporting all your stuff there and back makes about as much sense as the teleporter. For a much more effective way of putting your stuff in temporary storage, speak to Seven Seas Worldwide about our StoreCube™.

The StoreCube™ is a revolutionary approach to self-storage. All you have to do is pack the items you wish to store in our Seven Seas Worldwide boxes and load them onto the StoreCube™ which will arrive at your house for loading. It's essentially a container inside a trailer, designed to take all manner of household items. Once you've packed the StoreCube™ to your requirements, we'll take it away and put it in storage ourselves. We have safe and secure storage facilities all over the country.

As soon as the decorating is done, just give us a call, arrange a time and the StoreCube™ will be back outside your home, ready for unloading. It couldn't be simpler. It really is the most efficient storage solution around so give us a call to find out more or get a free quote now.

Oh and happy rolling.

Showing on a Screen Near You

19 August 2014

View Seven Seas Worldwide on tablet, smartphone or PC.

A lot of our time is divided these days between three electronic devices - our phone, our tablet and our PC or laptop. Of course, there should also be a portion of time devoted to walking around and looking at trees but that's for another blog post. We all have our own habits when it comes to operating these devices; some of us use the phone for social media, some of us use the laptop for shopping, some of us use the tablet for time-wasting games that don't appear to ever stop. Ever.

However, there's one thing that remains a constant - we expect whatever we're viewing to fit the screen we're using. There's nothing more frustrating than seeing a website struggle to fit your screen and become a jumbled pile of text and shapes. And the refusal of some websites to even adapt to your screen so you have to scroll from left to right to read a sentence, is similarly annoying.

As the digital world changes daily, we've made sure we stay ahead of the game with a new website that's fully adaptable and easy to use on any device. We're very proud of our new website. Have you had a look round? You really should spend a few minutes on it and see what we can do for you. It's a much more responsive site and our quote engine has been improved significantly so it's much easier to get a quote now, wherever you are, whether you're on the move or sitting at home with your feet up.

Check out the home page, take the tour, watch the videos and get a quote today!

New Look, New Approach

07 August 2014

Seven Seas Worldwide's New Website

That's right. We've had a bit of a change. Do you like it? We do.

But apart from a cleaner look and more videos with that dude with the glasses, what else can you expect from Seven Seas Worldwide? Well, here's a quick rundown of the site and the sections therein.

Firstly, we have fewer sections.  We didn't want you to get bogged down with too many pages of blah blah blah because, frankly, who has time for that? You just want to know what we can do for you right?  Right.  So, the first thing we did was sit down and work out a way of making the sections shorter and simpler. Actually the first thing we did was eat bagels and drink coffee but that's a given here at SSW HQ.

So, we have five main sections at the top that look at our main areas of expertise - baggage, parcels, moving home, and commercial and student services.

The baggage section addresses those moments when you need a little help with your baggage going on holiday. No one wants to drag a teetering tower of suitcases through the airport and nor do they want to face the impending doom of hidden baggage fees at the checkout, so Seven Seas Worldwide explains how we can be on hand to ship, store and deliver your excess baggage, whenever and wherever you need it. In fact, we can be on hand to ship and deliver all of your luggage, should you wish to just breeze through the airport without checking anything in! Travelling light. It's the way forward.

The parcels section of the website explains how we're also a reliable and friendly courier service. We offer a more affordable and greener service than your average courier company, shipping items that are considered heavier, larger or bulkier than normal personal belongings, virtually anywhere in the world. In this section, we run through our new and exciting SeaPost service - sending commercial goods from the UK to Australia or New Zealand at an knock-down rate - our excellent MilkMail and MilkMail Plus services - forwarding baby milk powder to China from the UK - and our domestic Mini Moves service.

Our Moving Home section focuses on those moving home. (Yes, it's hardly a cryptic site we've made here.) In this section, we highlight our glorious creation - the MoveCube, which we're very proud of and will continue to shout about until everybody has had tried it out. Every variety of MoveCube is explained - big, small, domestic, international - and we also give special mention to our new service, the StoreCube, which may just revolutionise self-storage, that's all.

Our last two sections deal with our commercial arm of the business and the various methods we use to make moving and storage that little bit easier for students.

Add to this dozens of service videos explaining as simply as possible the step-by-step process of each service we offer, and you have yourself a website and a company that delivers on all fronts. Check out the site now or chat to a member of our team. 

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