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Faster processing of shipments to China

Moving made faster with Seven Seas Worldwide
Moving made faster with Seven Seas Worldwide

Seven Seas Worldwide are delighted to announce that online documents are now available when shipping (sea or air) personal belongings in to China.   The entire process is now online and offers an end to end service ensuring the customers details are safe and secure. 

A great deal of shipping activity is conducted online with the exception of personal effects in China. Seven Seas Worldwide are the first company to have achieved this goal which enhances the individual to ship their possessions with the minimal taxes and duties.


1. What are the benefits of online documents?

By having documents online it provides for a massive security enhancement which also meets GDPR conditions surrounding the sharing and use of customers personal and private information. The completion of the documentation is done entirely online, fully encrypted with only the customer and the responsible shipping clerk being able to view the information. Prior to the introduction of the online documentation, the customer completed the paper documentation and adding enormously valuable personal information such as copies of their passport. This was folded up, placed in an envelope and attached to one of the boxes to be shipped. These were then collected by the driver, the documentation scanned at the depot and the originals then shredded.


2. How does this improve the overall service?

This speeds up the process of shipment by vastly reducing the time to check, verify and approve the shipping documentation. Previously, if the documentation was not correct, copies were scanned and emailed to the customer, who had to print, adjust, re-scan and email the documentation back with the accompanying technical issues with emailed being knocked back if the attachments were too large.


3. How secure are these online documents?

All files are encrypted and the servers where the information is stored is held behind state-of-the-art firewalls.


China is the last territory to utilise online documents, with all the remaining countries that Seven Seas Worldwide ship to using online documentation to make the process of shipping, moving and sending personal possessions simpler and faster.  

To see how fast we process your shipments to China, create your quote now or to read more about shipping to China here. 

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