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Why Choose Seven Seas Worldwide? - Us Vs My Baggage

Seven Seas Worldwide vs My Baggage

What makes Seven Seas Worldwide different to My Baggage

Seven Seas Worldwide

My Baggage

Directly owned & controlled worldwide network

Low cost Door-to-Door by sea option

30 second quick quote with air & sea options


FREE re-enforced boxes & packing materials*


Multi-lingual 24/7 customer service

Transparent pricing & 3 stage payment scheme


Shipping 7kg to 7 tonnes within network


Seven Seas Worldwide has long been the first choice for many international students. The reason for this is we have a system in place to make the moving process as simple and stress-free as possible; and given the other life-changing events that can happen to you as a student, the last thing you want to be preoccupied with is moving your stuff from A to B.

But just so we’re clear, let’s take a competitor – in this case, My Baggage – and show you how we differ from them. In a good way.

First of all My Baggage is not a global business; it relies on other courier companies for the transporting. This means it cannot closely monitor your shipment. Seven Seas Worldwide has a long-established global shipping network. We’re with your belongings from A to B. Peace of mind and all that.

And because we’re a global company, this means we have business centres around the world to take your call and assist you 24/7. My Baggage clock off at 10pm and don’t answer the phones at all at the weekend.

My Baggage don’t know the shipping world like we do. For instance, Seven Seas Worldwide aware of all possible customs and destination charges that might be incurred and will alert you accordingly so there’s transparency right from the beginning. My Baggage won’t know about these charges and may hit you with the extra cost further down the line.

If you find you have a lot to send, it may be in your best interest to move with a Seven Seas Worldwide MoveCube. This is a container inside a trailer that we bring to your home for loading. It’s a fast, affordable and more secure service compared to a simple courier system that will transport your boxes without the extra protection. Plus with a MoveCube we offer 2 weeks’ free storage at the origin and the destination!

Seven Seas Worldwide offers a three stage payment plan to allow you to spread the cost. My Baggage requires just one payment upfront and may charge you for any potential adjustments to your shipment that should arise during the journey.

My Baggage may not also prepare you for the potentiality of quarantine inspection fees, port document fees, port handling charges and warehouse handling charges, all of which only an established shipping company like Seven Seas Worldwide would know about prior to the journey.

Finally My Baggage only offers an air service. The fact is if you can plan ahead and do it by sea with Seven Seas Worldwide, you will pay a fraction of what it costs to send by air! (However if you wish to send your items by air, we can do that too.)

For more information about how we trump any baggage courier around, please visit the website or get a free quote now! 


*depending on service

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