How to Pack Liquids

05 September 2016

So you need to pack liquids in with your belongings before moving, do you? Well, first thing's first: If there's any way you can avoid packing liquids, that would be ideal. It would save us a lot of hassle. And you too of course.

But if you're determined to ship bottles of shampoo, sauces and various other containers of liquid, remember this: When it comes to packing the items away in a box, please note that the original lid on the container is never enough. You will need to pack the liquid container inside another tightly-sealed container to remove any risks of leakage. In fact, we'd recommend putting the tightly-sealed container inside another container just to be on the safe side. We're not joking. And to ensure the container is as safe as secure as it can be, wrap it in bubble-wrap or put it in a polythene bag, and then put it in the removals box.

For more information, check out our humorous little video below.

How to Pack a Bicycle

05 August 2016

Packing a bicycle is a tricky old thing to tackle but it's not impossible. Not if you watch our handy 'how to pack a bicycle' video and order a bicycle box from Seven Seas Worldwide. 

The bicycle box isn't just a very big cardboard box; it's been designed specifically to hold in place the frame of a bicycle so that it isn't damaged in transit. All you have to do is remove the the pedals, unfortunately, if they are left on they will an additional charge to remove them. Remember everything has to be wrapped in bubble-wrap and taped tightly with parcel tape.

If you're sending your bicycle abroad to, say, Australia, you must clean your bicycle thoroughly. Customs officials are pretty strict about bringing dirty items into the country. Never underestimate the hygiene concerns of a customs official.

Oh and if you do use a bicycle box from Seven Seas Worldwide, don't put any other item in the box just because there is room. This could jeopardise the safety of the box, and of course, the bicycle. And there will be an extra charge if our team have to remove the pedals on your behalf.

For more information, check out the video below.

How to Pack Glassware

05 August 2016

Glassware. The most delicate items you'll be transporting from A to B. However most of us won't take as much time protecting them as we ought to. 

For instance, it's a good idea to line every box carrying glassware with newspaper and bubble-wrap so if they were to fall over, they would avoid any damage. And always wrap items of glassware in layers. One layer of newspaper or bubble-wrap simply isn't enough. 

Another essential tip is making sure that once you've packed your box, you do what you can to make sure the items do not move around inside. Wedge in soft clothes (inside plastic bags), sheets or even polystyrene block holders, if you're able to get your hands on them (have you bought any appliances recently?).

Oh and place all glassware down on its widest part! For more information, check out our humorous little video below.

How to Pack Kitchenware

12 July 2016

In the first of several blogs about how to pack before a move, our packing expert below provides a list of do's and don't's on packing kitchenware. Naturally there will be things you already know - a lot of it is basic common sense - but our video aims to help you think outside the box, all puns intended. For instance, if you're going abroad, we recommend a thorough cleaning of your plates and cutlery before you pack them in anticipation of any rigorous customs officials.

Also, if you are packing plates, a good idea would be to stand them upright to ensure zero breakages at your final destination. Oh and wrap each individual plate in both newspaper and bubble-wrap for extra safety.

Check out the vid for more advice and don't forget to order your boxes directly from us. Seven Seas Worldwide packing boxes are strong and chemically-hardened to withstand long journeys.

Happy moving.

StoreCube It - Making Self-Storage a Thing of the Past

20 August 2014

You've decided the living room is looking drab these days. Too much reliance on cream colours and neutral shades. 'It's time for a change,' you think to yourself. So off you pop to B&Q to buy a few tester pots. As you peruse the aisles, you also notice some fabulous lampshades that would work marvellously with your colour scheme. After that, a space-saving set of drawers catches your eye. Later on, you discover a TV unit that would look ideal in the corner next to your DVD tower. Before long, you decide that the whole room is in need of more than just a lick of paint.

But here's the thing. There's a lot of furniture, ornaments and general...stuff in your living room and you've nowhere to put it. So what are your options? Well firstly, you could put everything in the front garden. Now there is a chance that everything could be damaged by rain. Also, you could be the victim of a prankster who nails a sign next to it that says "Yard Sale", so it's probably one of the riskier choices. Secondly, you could move everything into the hallway. This would mean not having a functioning hallway for the whole time you're decorating. Thirdly, you could teleport your items to a secure location anywhere in the world. The only downside to this solution is teleportation technology remains largely fictional.

Fourthly, you could rent space in a self-storage facility. However, the price of the rental combined with the impracticality of transporting all your stuff there and back makes about as much sense as the teleporter. For a much more effective way of putting your stuff in temporary storage, speak to Seven Seas Worldwide about our StoreCube™.

The StoreCube™ is a revolutionary approach to self-storage. All you have to do is pack the items you wish to store in our Seven Seas Worldwide boxes and load them onto the StoreCube™ which will arrive at your house for loading. It's essentially a container inside a trailer, designed to take all manner of household items. Once you've packed the StoreCube™ to your requirements, we'll take it away and put it in storage ourselves. We have safe and secure storage facilities all over the country.

As soon as the decorating is done, just give us a call, arrange a time and the StoreCube™ will be back outside your home, ready for unloading. It couldn't be simpler. It really is the most efficient storage solution around so give us a call to find out more or get a free quote now.

Oh and happy rolling.