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Multiply Your MoveCube®

If you're familiar with our blogs, you'll be aware by now of our MoveCube® service. And you'll also be aware that we like talking about it. A lot. But did you know you can now order as many MoveCubes® as you want?

The MoveCube® is our own personal attempt at revolutionising the world of moving and relocation. Basically, we've looked beyond the man with the van and the big faceless corporation that see you as nothing more than a job number to bring you a new approach to moving your belongings from A to B. The MoveCube® is your own personal shipping container that can be brought directly to your door for loading and unloading.

As part of our MoveCube® expansion, we're now taking multiple orders. So let's say a Large MoveCube® can accommodate your living room furniture but you've got nowhere to put your kitchenware. Well, now with Seven Seas Worldwide, you can order more than one MoveCube® to make sure everything is safely collected, transported and delivered to your chosen destination. So now you don't have to leave behind that juicer you bought last year as part of a new health drive and have so far used twice.

We can be there for every eventuality, and our team are always on hand to assist, should you need advice and guidance. So if you're a little concerned that we couldn't handle a big household move, think again: We're leading the way on house moves and can design a service to suit you, whether you need one MoveCube® to move the contents of an apartment or several to deal with a big family home. Oh and don't forget, our expansion means we can now send MoveCubes® throughout the world.

Check the MoveCube® section of the website for more details.

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