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Household Moves with a MoveCube®

The MoveCube® is an innovative way of moving your items from A to B. Forget about the big, overbearing lorry and the nightmare scenario of cramming your belongings into your car. The MoveCube® is a container inside a trailer that we bring to your front door for loading. All you have to do is load it to your specifications. When it comes to household moves, there is no better method. 

After loading the MoveCube® we'll then collect and redeliver it to your chosen address whether that's the next town along or halfway across the globe. The beauty of using a MoveCube® for household removals is the simplicity. It's just a big box - a big box that you fill with smaller boxes. In fact, loading a MoveCube® is like playing a physical version of Tetris (except the boxes don't disappear).

Oh and should you require them, we also provide the cardboard boxes to help you load, along with parcel tape, marker pen and bubble wrap. And on top of that, we'll also provide a trolley for the heavier stuff and traffic cones to keep the parking space free for the MoveCube®. Yes, it's fair to say we've thought of everything. And that's what we need to do because in order for household removals to go smoothly, attention to detail is everything. Plus, the smoother the process, the happier you'll be to leave us in charge! Check out the website for more information about our most excellent solution to furniture removals.

Get yourself a free quote right now for household shipping via our brilliant freight calculator and see how much time, money and effort you can save with a MoveCube®.

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