Decluttering when Moving to Canada

04 October 2016

Moving abroad is an exciting chapter in anyone’s life but before you start unravelling the bubble-wrap and assembling the packing boxes, stop for a moment and think about all the items you’re planning to take with you to Canada. Do you really need it all? Remember the more you take, the more you pay. So here are a few tips about decluttering before you begin your new life in Canada.

  • First of all, you may want to think twice about packing woolly winter clothes and looking at other options such as storage or selling. Label that cashmere sweater 'non-essential'.
  • If you have expansive, alphabetised CD and DVD collections, we advise not to take it all with you. These collections are heavy, expensive to ship and, let’s be honest, largely redundant in this age of streaming and downloading!
  • Don’t waste money shipping your old furniture overseas such as armchairs, sofas, chests of drawers and wardrobes. Treat yourself to new items when you arrive at your new destination! Naturally if you choose to sell your old furniture, you’ll be providing yourself with a financial platform for buying replacements.
  • If you’re moving electrical items like flatscreen televisions to Canada, you may also want to consider the electrical power differences. There’s no point shipping such a large electrical item abroad if it’s not going to function correctly! Also, if you choose to adapt your television for your new country, you could invalidate the warranty. 

Now we know what you're thinking: If I sell a lot of household items before I move, I'm going to need to do a fair bit of shopping when I get to my new home. This is true. So here are a few reputed retail names in Canada you may want to make a note of:

For more information on decluttering and advice on removals, get in touch with the team via the Contacts page.

Get it there for Christmas!

27 September 2016

UK Christmas Shipping Dates


If you are hoping to send special items in time for Christmas, here are the dates you need to know!

Final Shipping Dates for Christmas 2016

DestinationsFinal Dates
Australia 8th October
Canada 8th October
China 30th September
Hong Kong 15th October
Malaysia 8th October
New Zealand 8th October
Singapore 8th October
South Africa 8th October
Taiwan 8th October
Thailand 8th October
USA 8th October

IMPORTANT These dates apply to the final dates for payment to be cleared so your shipment can go ahead. This means you will need to have your boxes, bags or MoveCube already collected and all your documentation completed correctly. GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME SO START NOW!

How to Pack Liquids

05 September 2016

So you need to pack liquids in with your belongings before moving, do you? Well, first thing's first: If there's any way you can avoid packing liquids, that would be ideal. It would save us a lot of hassle. And you too of course.

But if you're determined to ship bottles of shampoo, sauces and various other containers of liquid, remember this: When it comes to packing the items away in a box, please note that the original lid on the container is never enough. You will need to pack the liquid container inside another tightly-sealed container to remove any risks of leakage. In fact, we'd recommend putting the tightly-sealed container inside another container just to be on the safe side. We're not joking. And to ensure the container is as safe as secure as it can be, wrap it in bubble-wrap or put it in a polythene bag, and then put it in the removals box.

For more information, check out our humorous little video below.

How to Pack a Bicycle

05 August 2016

Packing a bicycle is a tricky old thing to tackle but it's not impossible. Not if you watch our handy 'how to pack a bicycle' video and order a bicycle box from Seven Seas Worldwide. 

The bicycle box isn't just a very big cardboard box; it's been designed specifically to hold in place the frame of a bicycle so that it isn't damaged in transit. All you have to do is remove the the pedals, unfortunately, if they are left on they will an additional charge to remove them. Remember everything has to be wrapped in bubble-wrap and taped tightly with parcel tape.

If you're sending your bicycle abroad to, say, Australia, you must clean your bicycle thoroughly. Customs officials are pretty strict about bringing dirty items into the country. Never underestimate the hygiene concerns of a customs official.

Oh and if you do use a bicycle box from Seven Seas Worldwide, don't put any other item in the box just because there is room. This could jeopardise the safety of the box, and of course, the bicycle. And there will be an extra charge if our team have to remove the pedals on your behalf.

For more information, check out the video below.

How to Pack Glassware

05 August 2016

Glassware. The most delicate items you'll be transporting from A to B. However most of us won't take as much time protecting them as we ought to. 

For instance, it's a good idea to line every box carrying glassware with newspaper and bubble-wrap so if they were to fall over, they would avoid any damage. And always wrap items of glassware in layers. One layer of newspaper or bubble-wrap simply isn't enough. 

Another essential tip is making sure that once you've packed your box, you do what you can to make sure the items do not move around inside. Wedge in soft clothes (inside plastic bags), sheets or even polystyrene block holders, if you're able to get your hands on them (have you bought any appliances recently?).

Oh and place all glassware down on its widest part! For more information, check out our humorous little video below.