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What to do with my belongings because of COVID-19

Over the past few months we have been helping students from all over the world sort out what to do with their belongings ...

Faster processing of shipments to China

Seven Seas Worldwide are delighted to announce that online documents are now available when shipping (sea or air) person ...

Living abroad? Worried about Brexit? Planning to return?

Seven Seas Worldwide recommend you plan what you want to send, what you need and what will just take up space in your new home. 

For UK natives currently living in the EU, the temptation may be to return to the UK and Seven Seas Worldwide are here to help you send your belongings back to Britain.

New Seven Seas Worldwide Website 2019

A quick welcome to our new website to help you send baggage and personal belongings internationally. Use our MoveCube service for international relocation. Our Baggage worldwide service is ideal for sending smaller items around the world quickly and safely.