Seven Seas Worldwide are Expanding Again

01 February 2018

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our network here at Seven Seas Worldwide. We've always been able to collect and deliver items throughout Europe but until now we've not had an established depot in Europe to assist with the demand. Until now. A fully operational depot in Belgium is now up and running.

Located just South East of Antwerp, our new European hub will ensure our good growth in Europe continues in 2018 and beyond providing clearer channels and better coverage for all shipments going in and out of Europe.

This also means we can operate our increasingly popular MoveCube service in and out of mainland Europe which we're very excited about because we believe the MoveCube is the future of moving home. If you want a smooth, stress-free, door-to-door service, look no further than the MoveCube!

And we're not stopping at Antwerp. We want to continue this expansion over the next few years so our presence in Europe is as comprehensive as any shipping company or international courier.

Watch this space.

You can find us at:

Seven Seas Worldwide BVBA
Winkelom 87, Unit A1
2440 Geel

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A Safe Haven

27 February 2017

You may remember last year in May, the Seven Seas Worldwide team descended on a community hall in Cockfosters to organise a charity drive in aid of the Safe Haven Orphanage in Thailand. The reason for this is that over the years, Seven Seas Worldwide has accumulated dozens of boxes from Thai customers who - for one reason or another - never claimed their belongings. 

In May we sifted through these abandoned boxes and found a wealth, items.

 Thai Smile 12.jpg

Once the boxes had been organised and categorised, the team then packed the best items into new Seven Seas Worldwide boxes to send back to Thailand. Destination: The Safe Haven Orphanage,an extremely worthwhile charity that has been supported by our partners Thai Smile for a number of years and help children all over Thailand find stability and safety through shelter, clothing, medical care, nutrition and education.

Thai Smile 27.jpg

We are now pleased to announce the items arrived safely and securely at the orphanage with all the children receiving a variety of goods together with celebratory drinks and food. Thank you to all who made this such a successful an rewarding venture.


Think About a MoveCube®

15 July 2016

We've received quite a bit of attention on Facebook recently from customers who have moved abroad with a MoveCube®, so we thought we'd share the love with a blog post, just in case you were thinking of moving with us too.

Chantelle Pooley posted to 'Poms Wanting Oz' showing other potential customers just how much you can store inside a Large MoveCube®. Even we were surprised by the amount. Good luck unpacking all that, Chantelle.


Karl Robbins in Perth also praised our MoveCube® service noting that the cube had been untouched throughout its journey from the UK to Oz. He was also a little bewildered as to how they were able to fit so much into a Large MoveCube® but as you can see, the spacious garage is now home to every item shipped. Good luck to you and the family on your adventure Down Under, Karl.


If you're looking to move to Australia or elsewhere in the world, take a look at our MoveCube® page and find out what we can do for you. We now offer a Multiple MoveCube® service, sending as many MoveCubes® as you need for moving day. Get a free quote or call a member of the team. Oh and if you've used us in the past, get in touch, we'd love to hear your story!

And should you need any maintenance or home improvement tips for your new home, our friends at SawsHub have the best guides for you!

Welcome to Warwickshire!

28 June 2016

Seven Seas Worldwide helps hundreds of customers every day move their personal belongings from A to B, all over the world. But the boot was on the other foot at the beginning of the summer when we moved our operations from Daventry to the Grovelands Industrial Estate in Warwickshire. Sufficed to say, everything went smoothly!

The decision to move to the estate was agreed with letting agents D&P Holt, confirming a ten year lease term. A total of eight members of the Seven Seas Worldwide team will be based at the unit in Grovelands, overseeing the collections and deliveries of customers throughout the world. The move came about thanks to continued healthy growth for the company over the last few years with a significant percentage of custom coming from the student community.

Seven Seas Worldwide has long been the students' champion, keeping prices low and providing a comprehensive collection, storage and delivery service, in many cases delivering door-to-door, putting an end to the hassle of hiring transport, making visits to expensive self-storage facilities and asking your reluctant friends to help you out on moving day. Plus our international shipping network means we can be here for students all over the world, from the UK and USA to Australia, China and beyond.

The location of the Grovelands Industrial Estate so close to the M6 is perfect for a company like Seven Seas Worldwide who rely heavily on a transport system network to deliver parcels, boxes and assorted personal belongings on a daily basis.

Grovelands has a range of units still on offer ranging from 9,440 sq ft to 43,000 sq ft. For more information contact D&P Holt on 024 7655 5180.

Thai Smile - How Unclaimed Seven Seas Worldwide Belongings Became Part of a Charity Drive

06 May 2016

A few weeks ago, members of Seven Seas Worldwide - and several from Thai Smile - found themselves in a community hall in Cockfosters with dozens of boxes that had been abandoned and left with Seven Seas Worldwide.

Thai Smile 8.jpg

They opened these boxes and sifted through the many clothes, items and um...stuffed toys within.

Thai Smile 12.jpg

It's okay. There's nothing untoward going on. Most of these boxes have been in our UK warehouses since 2009. For whatever reason, the owners decided they no longer wanted their personal belongings and for all intents and purposes abandoned them, leaving us with a lot of warehouse space taken up with obsolete boxes that no one wanted, least of all us. 


So with our friends at Thai Smile, we decided to take the boxes to a London location, open them up and see what could be sent to charity. And it was a brilliant day. So much was salvaged and re-boxed for sending back to a charity in Thailand, chosen by Thai Smile.

Thai Smile 25.jpg

With the help of a supportive Seven Seas Worldwide crew - which also included director John Henderson - every item that could be spruced up and saved was put into new boxes and labelled up, bound for its new destination in Thailand.

Thai Smile 27.jpg

The boxes were heading for an extremely worthwhile charity called the Safe Haven Orphanage who have been supported by Thai Smile for a number of years and help children all over Thailand find stability and safety through shelter, clothing, medical care, nutrition and education.

Thai Smile 16.jpg

Once the boxes had been repackaged with new Thai Smile labels, the Seven Seas Worldwide van drove away to begin the long journey to Mae Tawo in the Tha Song Yang District of Western Thailand.

thai-smile-20.jpg (1)

Thanks to all who contributed to a great day. Should we ever be the recipients of such a large consignment of unwanted goods again, we'll know what to do in the future.