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Heathrow Baggage Problems

Oh dear. It seems there are problems at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 today. Travellers have been unable to check in their baggage due to a computer problem.

The problem has been sorted (thank you, IT department) but now the backlog has to be dealt with, with thousands of passengers unable to catch their flights and trying to rebook. It seems the planes left on time with far more empty seats than normal. Since the unfortunate start in 2008, T5 has had an impeccable record up till now. However, this is what happens when an enormous machine experiences a computer error.

Luckily Seven Seas Worldwide provides the solution. Why check in baggage in the first place? Why not have someone send your luggage abroad for you? Seven Seas Worldwide can collect your items at your front door and transport them to virtually anywhere else in the world. No more baggage checks, no more queues, no more potential computing disasters.

See what our excess baggage service can do for you today.

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