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Taking the Edge Off at the Airport

Everyone loves to travel. Well, except hermits. But I'm sure even hermits secretly yearn for a stylish ski excursion to Graubunden or a three star jolly to Cancun. However, there's one thing that unites us travellers; airport fatigue. Whenever we plan a break, we always take into account the necessary queuing, stressing and general confusion associated with passing through an airport to board a plane.

Luckily, there are companies out there who try to reduce the stress as much as possible. For instance, the nightmare of taking your own vehicle to the airport has been eroded significantly in recent years thanks to airport parking companies. How I wish I'd had that idea - parking just outside the chaos and then transported to the airport in a bus. Why, it seems so simple - kind of like wheels on a suitcase; we had wheels and suitcases for centuries before someone hit upon the obvious notion that the two could be brought together in a glorious union. Anyway, I digress.

APH or Airport Parking and Hotels is leading the way when it comes to stress-free transition from your car to the airport. They own sizeable airport parking locations at Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham airports and provide airport parking at other airport destinations in the UK as well as Southampton and Dover ports. They also cater for passengers staying in airport hotels. This is probably why they've won the British Travel Award for Best Airport Parking, five years in a row.

They've got it sewn up, basically. But this is because they're so reliable. Knowing APH is looking after your car as you explore another culture/sit by the pool reading the new Stephen King, is a comforting thought and the team at APH come highly recommended from this blogger.

To be precise, wheels have only been on suitcases for the past 26 years. Before then, human beings were humping their enormous cases around the airport and thinking "Well, I'll guess there will never be an obvious solution staring me in the face to end this torment." Silly human beings. However, since then, we've made up for lost time with all manner of dynamic wheeled suitcase designs for the seasoned traveller.

One of the most successful in this business is Direct Luggage, who supply the highest quality and most affordable travel luggage around. However, they don't stop as just suitcases, you know. In fact, if you need luggage for business (laptop bags, briefcases), flight accessories (travel adaptors, wash bags), backpacks, wallets and purses, Direct Luggage are the folks to do business with.

If you're slightly embarrassed by the clunky and battered piece of luggage that bumbles it's way round the airport carousel before reaching your outstretched arm, take a peek at the Direct Luggage website for recognisable brands and designer names, from Samsonite and Carlton to Lulu Guinness and Visconti. There are some excellent deals to be had here, so have a peruse today. Oh, and if you end up with too much stuff to carry then don't forget we can ship it for you with our outstanding excess baggage service. Just saying.

Yes, the trip through the airport will always be an arduous one but if you've had a smooth journey to the airport and are buoyed by the brand spanking new suitcase you're holding, you will find the edge taken off somewhat. In the past, something that only duty free Toblerone could do.



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