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Ever Given – An agreement in principle has been made.

It’s been a painful few months since the Ever Given vessel was sandwiched across the banks of the Suez Canal. Painful for us but even more so for our customers whose personal belongings were on board.

Despite having experienced only one similar incident in our twenty-five year history we haven’t seen a story like this unfold before. After the ship was ‘rescued’ it was seized by the Egyptian government who coupled with the salvage company began a legal battle for USD$900 million in compensation even citing damage to the reputation of the canal itself and losses caused by the blockage of the canal.

The owners of the Ever Given counter offered and the whole case was thrown out of court only to begin again. This battle has been waging for weeks and our customers have been no closer to seeing a resolution despite the pressure we’ve been putting on our partners to get this matter resolved.

The hearing yesterday started to ‘unblock’ the light at the end of the tunnel however, with an agreement in principle being agreed and is now in the process of being drafted. Once all signed and sealed the ship can be released to resume its journey to Rotterdam and our customers will be reunited with their belongings.

How long this will take and what minimal costs may be levied to those without any insurance? It is hard to say. It is understood it may take longer than usual to make its way from Egypt to The Netherlands because its likely to be sailing slowly.

Sadly the frustration continues but with some hope for a reunion soon.

Ever Given Suez

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