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Impact of the Ever Given

The incident in the Suez Canal. 

In March 2021 the Suez Canal was blocked for over 5 days following the grounding of the Ever Given.  On the 23rd March The Ever Given was hit by high winds and ended up wedged across the waterway with the bow and stern stuck within in the canal banks.   The 20,000 TEU container ship blocked all traffic sailing through the canal and resulted in a salvage operation to free the ship.   


The Suez Canal is one of the worlds busiest trade routes and a vast majority of our customers personal belongings travel through the waterway every year.  In fact it was reported that over 360 ships were queuing to pass through the canal whilst the blockage caused by the Ever Given was cleared. 


Following the salvage of the Ever Given it was impounded by the Egyptian Government on the 13th April.  A legal battle is now in place between the salvage company, the ships owners and the Egyptian Government.

Our customers

Sadly we have customers' personal belongings on the Ever Given as well as on others that were delayed as a result of the blockage.  Currently we are working with the authorities to expediate the collection and continuation of the shipping of our customers belongings.   We are doing all we can to reunite our customers with their belongings whilst also navigating this complex and time consuming process.  This could take a number of weeks to resolve as it lies outside our hands and in the hands of the courts. 

We, unfortunately have had experience of this in the past and the process does take time.   We will endeavour as always to keep our customers updated as the case progresses. 

Digger assisting the Ever Given as its wedged against a sand bank

Digger assisting the Ever Given as its wedged against a sand bank

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