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Shipping excess baggage

Ship your excess baggage with Seven Seas Worldwide

Packed one suitcase too many? Transporting an unmanageable item overseas? Perhaps you'd rather just breeze through the airport without having to check in any baggage at all? Seven Seas Worldwide are experts in moving excess baggage and personal belongings all over the world. See how we can help make your journey that little bit easier.

We can solve your excess baggage problems

Excess baggage can be virtually anything from an extra holdall of holiday essentials to a musical instrument. We have a box for nearly every eventuality. We even have a long box designed for skis! Check out our video explaining the full service and see what we can do for you today. 


Here for the Larger Items

We specialise in a door-to-door sea service for excess baggage which is also perfect for large, bulky items that would be costly to send by air such as:

  • Sports equipment - bicycles, golf bags, surfboards, etc.
  • Household items - vacuum cleaners, tumble dryers, plates, bowls, glasses, TVs, etc.
  • Family items – baby strollers, car seats, etc.

What do we do?

All our excess baggage services include:

A door-to-door sea service for excess baggage 

Heavy duty standard and large packing boxes with bubble wrap and tape delivered to you to help you start packing.

Clear and transparent pricing on our detailed online quote.

Every stage of your order can all be managed via your online account.

Multilingual specialists are available 24/7 covering English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai and Afrikaans.

Spreading the cost so you don't have to pay everything upfront.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Our Excess Baggage Delivery Service

  • Firstly decide what you are sending; bags, boxes or suitcases of your personal belongings.
  • Secondly enter your location from where you are sending (country, town/city or postcode) and then the location to where you are sending (country, town/city or postcode).
  • Thirdly select from the drop-down what you want to send. We recommend using our boxes which are specially designed for the rigours of transportation. Those items that do not fit in our large and standard boxes (such as suitcases, sport equipment, some musical instruments, etc.) will be placed in other boxes following collection. This is included in our price. See How does your two or three stage payment plan work? in the FAQs.

Our quote gives you the widest choice of our services (air and sea) as well as the estimated transit time. We recommend you email yourself the quote by clicking the “Email” button. See What does the Transit Time mean?

If you decide to proceed then you will pay the deposit and arrange a date for the delivery of our packing boxes which includes bubble wrap and tape. There is no charge for these items but, depending on your address, there may be a small charge for the delivery. See What’s the difference between a Large Box and a Standard Box?

We recommend you order a few extra boxes. There is no charge if you do not use them so long as your return them upon collection. Whilst packing you should complete the online documentation. See What does my online dashboard do?

You will also receive a scheduled time for the delivery the night before the arranged date. See Can I schedule a collection and delivery time?

You can book the collection online or give us a call if you have any questions. See Do you provide multilingual communication? 

Once booked you will receive the scheduled collection time on the evening before our driver arrives. See Can I schedule a collection and delivery time? and What is the most weight I can pack in my boxes, bags and suitcases?

Once your shipment is collected, it will be measured and sometimes weighed. The Shipping and Transportation invoice will be generated, the deposit deducted, and the remaining amount should be paid in 7 days. See How do I make a payment?

You are entitled to two weeks’ storage prior to shipping which could be useful if you are travelling before returning to the destination country. Check out our storage options.

Sea shipments are usually sent through our own international network so your shipment will be under our direct control from start to finish. If we use one of our partners, you will be informed on the detailed quote although your shipment is still managed by Seven Seas Worldwide. (The actual depots and vehicles involved will be our partners.) See How does the shipping process work? in our FAQs.


We clear your shipment through the relevant customs departments and any environmental authorities. See Why do I need to pay destination charges?

Once cleared through these agencies your shipment will either be delivered directly to your address from our hub, transferred to the closest depot to your destination address to be delivered by one of our drivers, or delivered by one of our partners. See Can I schedule a delivery and collection time? and check out our storage options.

Excess Baggage Shipping

Worldwide Destinations & Regions

Take a look at the major countries and regions we currently serve with our comprehensive excess baggage shipping service:

Oh and please note, this is just a small selection of the countries to which we ship!

We offer a page of videos and advice on how best to pack your suitcases and bags as well as your sports equipment, household items and personal belongings into boxes.

If you’d like to discuss our services in more detail or you have an item which you are concerned about sending, then please contact us and speak to one of our advisers. Alternatively try our online quote engine. It should take about 30 seconds and there’s no obligation to order.

Seven Seas is a great company, I would recommend them to anyone thinking of shipping goods over seas. They were very helpful at the packing stage and made special efforts to deliver the packing boxes in advance to my address. The flat pack boxes are strong and can be ordered in a choice of sizes from Seven Seas which are included in the whole service. This really helped me get on with packing as it can be an emotional process moving your life overseas.

Andrew Nichols