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To ensure maximum safety and security we advise all customers to use the strongest boxes available for packing and transportation. This is why Seven Seas Worldwide offers unlimited, brand new cardboard boxes for every journey. The boxes are chemically-hardened and designed to withstand long overseas trips. Put simply, they're the best you're going to find. However, if you're thinking of using your own boxes, take a look below and maybe think again.

Boxes Not Safe Enough to Transport

Plastic storage boxes

Bin liners

These boxes are not designed for long journeys, only for storage. The slightest impact could break them, and as we know broken plastic can create dangerously sharp shards. Plus you increase the risk of items being lost once the box is damaged.

Do we really have to say why this isn't a good idea? No matter what you put inside a bin liner, it cannot be protected. Nothing you put inside will be secure. You must put everything in boxes to maximise safety.



Used boxes

Fruit and Vegetable boxes

Collecting boxes from supermarkets and other stores is not a good idea. Firstly these boxes were never designed for moving household items and secondly if they have been used to transport food then you may incur delays and fines when they're shipped through Customs and Quarantine.

Once again any box that used to carry food could cause delays if shipped through certain Customs departments, particularly fruit and vegetables. And as mentioned before, boxes of this kind will not survive the journey.


Storage and archive boxes

Laundry bags

These boxes do not have the strength of a chemically-hardened Seven Seas Worldwide box and will almost certainly be on the receiving end of irreparable damage while in transit.

Again, this does not offer any protection. No bag does. Everything must be stored in a robust box.