What are my insurance options? | Baggage FAQS

Why should I insure my excess baggage shipment and what type of insurance do you offer?

We know that the items you intend on sending are important to you - otherwise you wouldn’t be sending them, right? Insuring excess baggage will bring you peace of mind, so here are our two options. Don’t worry, you won’t get bogged down in fuzzy insurance-speak.

Basic Insurance

Seven Seas Worldwide provides Basic insurance cover of £100.00 (or the equivalent in local currency) for each box, suitcase, holdall, backpack and other individually-packed items. Basic insurance will incur an additional charge. You can increase the amount you want to insure each item but we strongly recommend you insure for something and £100 seems a reasonable amount. You will pay 5% of that value or £3.50 (3.5% of £100) per box, suitcase or holdall you are sending.

Premium Insurance

If you consider your items invaluable, we suggest you take a look at our offer of Premium insurance. The Insurance Premium payable for cover is calculated as 5% of the ‘replacement value’ of the inventoried items. Premium Insurance includes: the total loss of the entire shipment (like Basic above - but also), theft of items from the shipment and water damage to the consignment.

‘Replacement value’ equals the value it would cost to repurchase lost items. Please note that as with all insurance there is an ‘insurance excess liability’ amount whereby the customer is liable for an initial proportionate amount of the claim being registered.

In this instance the ‘excess liability’ for insurance placed with Aviva is currently based upon a UK Sterling amount of £50.00 or the equivalent in local currency. All claims are subject to the standard Insurance Terms and Conditions. There is an excess payment on any single claim.

All we can say is accidents do happen and Seven Seas Worldwide has a great reputation for its service but that cannot be a guarantee for what happens tomorrow. You can always give us a call if you wish to chat about it.