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Seven Seas Worldwide Group Limited is issuing this customer awareness statement on behalf of all companies and subsidiaries within the global organisation.

March 2021

Following the departure of the UK from EU our global operations team have become acutely aware of issues arising from the transportation of our customers personal possessions between the 2 regions.

As you may have seen reported in the news at large there are a number of factors being discussed and new processes being put in place by both Customs organisations.  This has led to widespread confusion and communication issues between Customs departments on both sides.

Issues have included:

  • The application of Transfer of Residence (or ToR),
  • Staff isolations due to COVID-19
  • Processing delays (due to backlog of shipments)
  • Invoicing and taxation charges being altered
  • Customs Officers not offering consistent information
  • Scanning errors
  • Issues with new declarations and forms being issued then retracted

Our customers are now being impacted by this and shipments are being delayed because of this.  We always endeavour to keep our customers updated on the progress and anticipated arrival of their shipment however we are only as effective as the information we can get from Customs as to how shipments are handled.   We act accordingly based on the varying questions asked by customs and ask that customers ensure their documentation is accurate and completed at all times to ensure we supply them with the correct information.

It is important to note that this does not only effect Seven Seas Worldwide customers but also all import and export, whether personal or commercial, companies operating with the UK and EU.

We are working with the Customs in the UK and EU to streamline the process as much as possible but for the moment there will be disruption until an agreed process is in place.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

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