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Why choose Seven Seas Worldwide?

Packing boxes and materials

Purpose-built storage boxes and materials provided

Trusted for 25 years

Trusted with your storage and shipping for over 25 years

Delivery and collection

Pick your own dates for storage box collection and delivery

Free storage

Fully flexible storage that adapts to your needs

Relax to pack

Pack in your own time, then contact us for collection

Get £30 off student storage!

Enjoy £30 OFF our student storage services (on all orders storing at least three Large boxes)! Simply click the "Get a FREE instant quote" button, and this unmissable discount will automatically be deducted from your quotation price.

Reliable storage in Southampton for over 25 years

Southampton is a cosmopolitan coastal city in the southwest of the UK with much to attract international students. As the locals call it, Soton is well connected for travel, with London a short train journey away and regular ferry services to France and beyond. If you're looking for an affordable, safe and fun city to study in, Southampton might be your new home.

Do you need to store student luggage between terms? Perhaps you're travelling during the summer months or switching between universities? That's where our secure storage service near Southampton comes in.

For over 25 years, our student shipping experts have helped undergraduates with their storage requirements. We control a worldwide network of storage units and have a multilingual team available to help 24/7, so you'll feel supported from start to finish.

Our storage company will collect, store and deliver your possessions. All you need to do is place an order and pack your belongings.


For over 25 years, our student shipping experts have helped undergraduates with their storage requirements. We control a worldwide network of storage units and have a multilingual team available to help 24/7.

Here's how our students service work:

Stress-free storage in Southampton

Our storage service covers all universities and colleges in Southampton, including the University of Southampton, Solent University, City College Southampton, and Woodlands Community College.

Southampton has endless things to do, from exploring fifteenth-century homes to attending exciting football matches. But, we understand the importance of time management and prioritising studies. Our student storage service makes this easy by handling the entire storage process, so you don't have to!

Start your storage solution today by booking online from the comfort of your home or dorm room.

Read below for more reasons to choose our storage company:

  • Transparent costs: use our free storage quote tool to get a complete cost breakdown from beginning to end. Plus, our fee freeze promise means your storage quote remains static for seven days, then a further six months once you book.
  • Quality packing materialswe know what students need to wrap and pack their possessions securely. So, we provide enough materials like bubble wrap and extra-strong storage boxes to get you started.
  • Flexible optionsif you need to change storage time, add/remove containers, or ship items overseas, get in touch, and we can help. If your delivery address is 50km or more from your collection address, costs beyond our storage services will apply.


Our storage solution in Southampton in 5 easy steps

Number one

Free online quick quote 
Our instant quote tool provides a clear, itemised storage cost with no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

Number two

We supply the boxes
Top-quality packaging supplies are sent to your door to help you pack your goods for storage securely.

Number three

Call us for collection
Once packed, get in touch, and we'll collect the storage boxes and transport them to our storage depot.

Number four

Safe and secure storage
We'll store your belongings at one of our clean and dry storage facilities, located across the UK.

Number five

Returned to your address
When you're ready, we'll return your items — at no extra cost if within 50km of the collection address!

Don't just take our word for it

Our customers love our service!

How much does Southampton student storage cost?


Our student storage services start from*:

19p per day


That's an outstanding:

£1.30 per week

*based on storing our Standard size storage box. Please note: a minimum £84 charge applies.

I love Seven Seas Worldwide. They bring storage boxes, move them for me, store them, and then bring them to my new flat. It was fantastic. They also had email updates and texts to make sure I knew what was happening. All in all, it was a wonderful service. I would definitely use them again.



Robust student storage boxes and packing materials

We offer sturdy storage boxes to protect your uni effects during long storage periods. Our double-walled cardboard boxes have plenty of space for most household items, such as books and kitchenware.

Our most popular student storage boxes are Large and Standard (see underneath for dimensions). We recommend ordering more than you need. Our friendly customer service team will collect any leftover storage boxes for free if they're in brand-new condition. Specially-shaped cardboard boxes made from the same top-quality materials are available for surfboards, guitars, etc.

You can use your own storage boxes. But please avoid laundry bags, plastic crates, food boxes and bin liners, as they break easily and could damage the rest of your belongings.

Large student storage box

External dimensions:

61 x 51 x 41cm / 24 x 20 x 16.14 inches

Best for:

  • Posters
  • Clothes
  • Bedding 
Small cardboard shipping box

Standard student storage box

External dimensions:

51 x 41 x 31cm / 20 x 16.14 x 12.2 inches

Best for: 

  • Files and papers
  • Textbooks
  • Kitchen utensils 


4 reasons why you'll love Southampton

Life as a student in Southampton is full of surprises thanks to its varied student population, cultural highlights, and picturesque location. You'll love this beautiful port town so much might you might never want to leave!

Keep reading for our top 4 reasons why you should choose this city to study in:


Number one

Enviable location:

With direct links to London, Oxford, and Cambridge, Southampton undergraduates can easily explore other parts of the UK. Enjoy relaxing trips to stunning nearby beaches and coastal towns with friends and classmates. New Forest National Park is a beautiful natural woodland area, perfect for weekend trips.

Number two

Vibrant student life:

Southampton is a city that buzzes with student life. Numerous bars, restaurants, cinemas and music venues cater to student budgets. The city also hosts many annual cultural events, including music festivals, food fairs, and art exhibitions.

Number three

Excellent educational facilities:

Southampton's home to two prestigious universities, Southampton Uni and Solent Uni. Both offer internationally-respected courses as well as excellent research facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. Enjoy access to extensive libraries, modern labs, and individual and group study spaces.

Number four

Thriving arts:

With two world-renowned universities, Southampton has a large student population. People flock from all over the world, resulting in a diverse student community. Such an environment creates an open-minded attitude, making it an ideal place to make friends and learn about other cultures.