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Working together with Seven Seas Worldwide.

Making it easy for you to ship or store your stuff safely and securely whilst in lock down and over the summer break.

Abodus Student Living have partnered with Seven Seas Worldwide to take care of your possessions during this difficult period. As part of our partnership, Seven Seas Worldwide are offering a 5% discount to all students in Abodus Student Living accommodation when shipping your possessions overseas.

If you require storage over the summer we can help with that too including delivery of boxes, collection & re-delivery when you need them back and with a 5% discount it couldn't be easier!

Your Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Boxes & packing materials are delivered to pack your belongings.

Step 2

Document an inventory of the contents while you pack each box.

Step 3

Collection time is scheduled & texted to you the previous evening.

Step 4

Storage arranged before shipping overseas or returned to you in the UK.

Step 5

When sending your belonging overseas all clearances are included.

Step 6

Delivery is made to the same UK address or to a new address overseas.

Get a discounted quote online or contact our multilingual call centre today to get your free quote now!
Here's what's included:

We operate our own network which means we control both where you are shipping from and - more importantly - where you are shipping to (unlike most other companies), we know first-hand the charges that will be incurred by your shipment.

No hidden charges guarantee

Our price includes boxes, bubble wrap and tape. Our boxes are specially made for us and use a hardening agent to ensure strength and durability. To make it even easier we suggest you order extra boxes in case you need more than you planned. If you find you do not need them all simply hand the empty boxes back when we collect.

What's the difference between a Large Box and Standard Box?

If you can pack a TV back into its original packaging and box then this would be acceptable, providing the box is not damaged in any way.

What are unacceptable packing types?

Once collected by our driver, some items will be placed inside boxes for shipping. We have specific boxes designed to take all sorts of items from suitcases and family items (e.g. pushchairs, car seats, sports equipment, bicycles, etc.) to musical instruments (with or without their hard cases).

See Does my suitcase need protection?

You can arrange for the delivery of packing boxes and their collection (once packed) online or over the phone. We need a minimum of 36 hours’ notice so please do not leave it to the last minute.

Can I book a delivery or collection day?

What is the difference between “door of the building” and “door of my home”?

We understand that moving abroad is one of the most stressful things you can do in life so if you need some storage options while you’re working out the logistics of your move, just let us know.  

Moving abroad, 2-weeks storage included at origin and destination

This is not applicable for those wanting purely to store their belongings. 

Once you have placed your order with us, we will email you a link which will take you to the login for your online account.

How does the shipping process work?

Seven Seas Worldwide operates its own business centres around the world.

Do you offer multilingual communication?

When can I speak to someone?

You can monitor and manage your shipment through your online account from start to finish. 

See What does my online dashboard do?


When we start our shipping service with you, we ask that you pay a security deposit. (See “How do I make payment?”) This is not an extra charge but a prepayment of the “Shipping and transportation” charge. See “If I change my mind can I get my money back?” You can then proceed to arrange for the delivery of empty packing boxes, bubble wrap and tape – our Baggage services – or our Starter Pack – MoveCube® service.

Shipping and transportation (less the Deposit already paid) 

Once your shipment has been collected, you must complete the shipping documentation immediately and the final stage will be making payment for the “Shipping and transportation” – as mentioned the deposit will be deducted from that total. If your shipment is to be delivered within the same country then you will not have anything further to pay, however, if you are shipping internationally, then there will be a Destination Charge to be paid.

Destination Charge will be paid once your shipment has arrived, been cleared through Customs and quarantine if required. See “Moving abroad, why do I need to pay destination charges?”. 

Moving abroad, what are the destination charges?

Depending on your destination address and our routing, your shipment will either be delivered to our closest depot to your overseas address or remain at our Hub to be delivered directly, at this point you will be contacted to arrange for the return of your shipment and pay the remaining charges.

Domestic moving services have a two-stage payment plan.

International moving services, except for some direct air services, have a three-stage payment plan.

Our large and standard boxes have packing tips printed on the flaps at the top of each box type.

If your address is outside the range of our depot’s vehicles, all the boxes you need for your shipment will arrive in a large delivery box. Check out our videos for each box type and how they are to be used to pack your possessions. Any boxes that you find you do not need, please return to the Delivery Box and it will be collected at the same time as the rest of your boxes.