Shipping from Sweden to Australia

shipping sweden to australia

If you're in Sweden and you need to send personal belongings, excess baggage or furniture to Australia, there's only one team you need to contact.

 If you're looking for a competitively-priced relocation expert to transfer your belongings to Australia, talk to us about the services we can offer to suit your needs, whether you're sending an extra piece of holiday luggage or the entire contents of your home!

Here are the services we can provide if you're sending items from Sweden to Australia:

  • Baggage - Helping you move holiday luggage around the world with a simple door-to-door collection and delivery service
  • Moving Home - Saving you time, money and stress with the MoveCube®, a mini shipping container brought directly to your home!
  • Students - Providing students with offers, discounts and services suited to their needs
  • Storage - Safe and secure storage facilities all over the globe should you need a place to hold your belongings before shipping

For more information, check out the rest of the site or get a free online quote now via ourfreight calculator or call us on +44 333 733 7337 and see much you could save.

Customer Review

Derek Robert Bond, October 2017
Seven Seas are fantastic!
"Seven Seas are fantastic!! My wife and I live in Australia and had some boxes shipped from Sweden. The service throughout the whole process was faultless, right through to the delivery to our door here in Perth, Western Australia. We were in Sweden to pack the boxes (and how good it is that they deliver the boxes and packing materials to you!). It is great you can track the journey online, and it is easy to make payments too. We heard about Seven Seas through a letter box drop where we live, and are so glad we made contact. We give Seven Seas the highest recommendation!"