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Excess Baggage by Air - Baggage Worldwide

Shipping excess baggage by air

If you must get your items to your chosen destination within a certain deadline Seven Seas Worldwide's established air service is here to make sure they arrive on time. We'll collect, transfer and deliver your items throughout the world via our own global network.

What is the difference between Seven Seas Worldwide and any other parcel delivery company?



Our excess baggage service includes:

We deliver heavy-duty Standard and Large packing boxes with bubble wrap and tape delivered to you to help you start packing.

Any other items that do not fit our Standard or Large boxes will be placed in their own special boxes after collection. 

We provide transparent pricing with a detailed online quote and no hidden charges guaranteed! 

From booking to delivery everything be carried out via your online account

Multilingual specialists available covering English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai and Afrikaans

How fast do you need your excess baggage delivered?

We specialise in two door-to-door air services - Air Economy and Air Express. The difference depends on the answer to this question: how quickly do you need your excess baggage delivered?

The faster you want something delivered the more it will cost. If you need your personal effects delivered next week for a business trip then you need Air Express. But if, for example, you’re attending a wedding next month overseas, then perhaps Air Economy is the better option!

But remember the slower the service, the less it will cost.

See "What does a Baggage Worldwide Door-to-Door service do?"

A Step-By-Step Guide to Our Baggage Air Shipping Service

Firstly decide what you are sending: bags, boxes and/or suitcases. If you are on an active holiday, then you may have sports equipment.

Secondly enter the location from where you are sending (country, town/city or postcode) and to where you are sending (again country, town/city or postcode).

Thirdly select what you want to send from our drop-down menu. We recommend using our boxes because they are specially reinforced to pack your possessions. The boxes and packaging materials supplied are included in the price.

What's the difference between a Large Box and Standard Box?

What are unacceptable packing types?

Does my suitcase need protection?

How do I measure a suitcase?

The Quote Summary we will present you with the prices of both air and sea and the estimated time each service will take to deliver. Remember this is a summary, please click “Email” for detail.

What does a Baggage Worldwide Door-to-Door service do?

What does a Baggage Worldwide Door-Port/Airport service do?

What does collection from the Port/Airport mean?

What does Transit Time mean?


If you are happy with our detailed quote and want to proceed then we ask that you pay a deposit, which is a small prepayment of the Shipping and Transportation charge. Then we recommend the delivery of a selection of our heavy-duty packing boxes. This delivery includes bubble wrap and tape.

Prohibited and Restricted by Air

How do I make a payment?

If I change my mind, can I get my money back?

We also recommend that you take a few extra boxes. There is no charge if you do not use them all, but please return the unused boxes returned in good condition. Whilst packing you should also complete the necessary shipping documentation online.

What does the online documentation include?

You will receive a scheduled time of the delivery the night before unless it is via one of our partners in which case the span of the scheduled time could be wider than our 1 or 2-hour arrival window.

Can I book a delivery or collection day?


You can book the collection online or give us a call if you have any questions.

What does the online dashboard do?

When can I speak to someone?

A scheduled collection time will be sent to you the evening before your collection day.

What is the difference between “door of the building” and “door of my home”?

When the shipment is collected, any boxes supplied by you – as well as unused ones - together with your bags and suitcases will be measured and weighed.

What is the most weight I can pack in my boxes, bags and suitcases?

Then the Shipping and Transportation invoice is created. The amount to be paid is the Shipping invoice less the deposit already paid. As soon as it is paid, your shipment will be sent.

What is your two or three-stage payment plan?

Depending on the air service you have selected your shipment will either be part of a larger air consignment sent to our hub in the destination country where it will be delivered to your address (Air Economy) or it will be sent directly to your address using one of our air partners (Air Express). Some routes may only offer Air Express.

What is the Shipping Process?

Your shipment is processed through Customs and any environmental authorities. For Air Economy, all charges will be as you were originally quoted with no surprises.

Moving abroad, why do I need to pay destination charges?

Moving abroad, what are the destination charges?

After being cleared through those agencies and if your shipment is being sent through our air partners then it will be delivered directly to your address. We will be unable to schedule a time for your shipment delivery with our partners. The delivery will be to the door of the building. If you are not present then they will leave you a card to contact them to arrange another day. Alternatively if your shipment is through our depots then you will be notified. You can then book a day for the delivery and a scheduled time will be sent to you the evening before.

What is the difference between “door of the building” and “door of my home”?


We offer a page of videos and advice on how best to pack your suitcases, bags and boxes. Trust us, there will be a few things of which you aren’t aware! If you’d like to discuss our services in more detail or you have an item which you are concerned about sending, then please call and speak to one of our advisers.

Alternatively, try our online quote engine. It should take about 30 seconds and there’s no obligation to order. Seven Seas Worldwide is an international group that specialises in sending only personal effects and household items around the world. Please read our FAQS for those items that are restricted or prohibited by air. Or as always, give us a call!

How To Pack Excess Baggage

We also have dozens of videos throughout the website for all other aspects of our service to help make your journey as smooth and stress-free as possible. Check out our FAQ section for more information.