Packing a Commercial MoveCube® – Do It Right

Packing a Commercial MoveCube®

Please note that this current service is undergoing some changes and is unavailable at the moment. Please check out our MoveCube® section for the main packing page.


That’s pretty much it.

Don’t just throw boxes into the back of the trailer without thinking. You need a bit of order in there otherwise you may have an unbalanced MoveCube® – and that might cause delays (and wobbliness).

Oh and make the most of the space. Treat it like a physical and less interesting game of Tetris.

And remember the best way to pack the individual boxes:

  • Our Large boxes are ideal for bulky yet light items such as towels, linen, clothes, pillows, etc.
  • Our Standard boxes are best for small but heavy items such as laptops, books, hand tools, that sort of thing.

Not got enough stuff to fill a MoveCube®? Try our mini moves instead, or take a look at our other international shipping services.