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Safely import your personal belongings to India

Seven Seas Worldwide are delighted to announce an expansion to our international shipping routes. You can now import personal possessions and household belongings into India via our unique moving container, the MoveCube®. You asked, and we listened. The Republic of India is a route our customers have been eager to take advantage of, and we're happy to share the good news!

Whether travelling for a few months, looking to retire, or moving for work or university, Seven Seas Worldwide have you covered. Get started today with a free instant quote.

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Secure shipping and removals to India with the MoveCube®

For complete peace of mind when sending your prized possessions to India, we offer the MoveCube®. Our safe and secure moving pod acts as your very own shipping crate that we bring to your door to be loaded by you. You can fill it with everything from boxes, bags and instruments to household items like furniture and sports equipment.

We've designed our robust moving pod to protect your goods during long journeys over land and sea. It's available in three convenient sizes: Large, Medium and Small. You can order as many MoveCubes® as required.

With each MoveCube® order, you'll receive a free Starter Pack to help securely pack your possessions. Inside you'll find a roll of parcel tape, a knife, a marker pen, a measuring tape with a dispenser and three plastic floor sheets. The floor sheets replicate the size of a Large, Medium and Small MoveCube®, allowing you to estimate how much furniture and belongings can fit inside before loading day.


Moving to India: tips and advice

Moving to a new country can be daunting, especially one as large and vibrant as India! With so many unique cultural differences to navigate, we've put together some essential tips to help you settle in as quickly as possible:

  1. Picking a new home: choosing where to live depends on various factors, including personal preference, lifestyle and work needs. The capital city Delhi offers a mix of modern amenities and historical sites, with a competitive culinary scene, bustling markets and ample job opportunities. Mumbai, the financial capital, is a busy metropolis, ideal for those who love a fast-paced lifestyle among diverse cultures. In the south, Chenna is known for its historical landmarks, sandy beaches and relatively lower cost of living.
  2. Learning the language: the English language can be heard all over India, but Hindi remains the most widely spoken. Making an effort to learn could be beneficial in several ways. Knowing enough Hindi to get by opens up work options in industries such as hospitality, tourism and customer service. Plus, speaking the language of your neighbours and co-workers allows you to connect with people on more than just a surface level.
  3. Getting a visa: begin by thoroughly researching the most applicable visa for you and your family. Visit the Indian Embassy website or your local Indian consulate for advice. Gather all necessary documents, such as proof of ID and your passport, and apply. Most expats require an Employment Visa (E-visa) and a work permit. After five years, the longest E-visa, you can apply for permanent residence status.
  4. Adapting to a new culture: India is the most populated country in the world, full of diverse communities, races and cultures. Adapting to your new surroundings can be a rewarding experience. Approach each culture with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Take time to observe local customs, traditions, and social norms, including how people greet each other, dress and eat.
Knowing enough Hindi to get by opens up work options in industries such as hospitality, tourism and customer service.
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