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Can you ship personal belongings into China without being present?

In this blog article, we're answering one of the most frequent questions our customers ask when shipping their personal effects to China — do I need to be present in the country when my shipment arrives?

And the answer is yes! At Seven Seas Worldwide, we pride ourselves on providing a stress-free shipping experience that follows Chinese customs regulations and avoids our customers paying unnecessary charges.

Although some companies claim to clear belongings through customs without the owner being present, this is incredibly risky. They bundle several shipments together and tell authorities it's one parcel.

But when inspected, they often find these collated items cost over the CNY1000 limit resulting in the customer paying extortionate fines or having their goods sent back to the origin country.

Tips for shipping personal effects to China
Shipping to China

Instead, our team make Chinese customs clearance straightforward and safe. Here's how it works in five steps:

  1. Provide Seven Seas Worldwide with your arrival date in China. Please remember that your shipment must land within six months of your arrival to be granted entry.
  2. Log into your account and complete the online documentation, including a detailed inventory of your shipment and a Customs and Power of Attorney form. Then, upload scans of your passport picture and signature pages, your visa, and a photograph of you holding your passport open on the picture page in your right hand while your left holds the Power of Attorney form. 
  3. Upon landing in China, declare your unaccompanied luggage by taking the RED Channel at the airport and present your completed "Customs Baggage Declaration Form for Incoming Passengers" to the customs officer.
  4. Once your declaration form is stamped, send the original by courier with a copy of the entry stamp on your passport to the Seven Seas Worldwide Guangzhou Office, ensuring we receive these documents BEFORE your shipment arrives in China.


    Guangzhou office address:
    Company: Seven Seas Worldwide China
    Receiver: Kameron Liu
    Address: Room 807, Winkong International Plaza, No.577, Jingang Ave, Nansha District, Guangzhou
    Postcode: 511458
    Contact number: +86 18664742005


  5. Relax! Our expert team of international shippers will give these forms to the Chinese Customs Authorities and arrange clearance for your belongings.

You can find more helpful information about shipping personal effects to China on our Importing into China Customs Advice page. Alternatively, feel free to contact our friendly support team. They speak multiple languages, including English, Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Afrikaans, and are always happy to answer questions and queries.

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