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The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected nearly every aspect of our lives, from how we travel to the way we socialise. And, as you've probably already seen, it's also had a massive impact on the international shipping industry. Now 2021 has come to a close, and our diaries are beginning to fill up with plans for the new year, we wanted to offer our insight on where the months may take us regarding sending your belongings overseas.

Over the last few years, intermittent lockdowns have temporarily shut down cinemas, restaurants, hotels, and more. During these periods, people could no longer spend their spare cash on holidays and nights out, so many of us turned to online shopping instead. This skyrocketing demand for goods often manufactured overseas, combined with staff shortages and port closures caused by local outbreaks and unforeseen events such as the Suez Canal blockage, has led to global shipping congestion and delays.

But it's not just international shippers like Seven Seas Worldwide that have felt the knock-on effects of these hold-ups. Ripples from this crisis can be felt everywhere, from the rows of empty shelves in our shops to the soaring price of second-hand vehicles as car companies struggle to keep up with demand. Fortunately, though, many professionals expect to see the disruptions from Covid-19 slowly dissipate as the world starts to return to a new normal.

In the meantime, we understand that now more than ever, our customers need a trusted partner to help them navigate these challenges. Using our 25 years of expert shipping knowledge, we are working tirelessly to ensure your belongings reach their destination as safely and fast as possible. However, here are three key insights to keep in mind as we sail into 2022.

Fortunately, though, many professionals expect to see the disruptions from Covid-19 slowly dissipate as the world starts to return to a new normal.
Couple shipping boxes overseas

1. Global port restrictions will gradually lessen

While the virus has given us all sleepless nights, it's been especially worrying for essential workers on the frontline, such as the seafarers who handle your shipments. To try and protect their health and prevent the spread of new variants, global leaders have had to impose strict quarantine periods and travel restrictions, forcing ports to close as soon as Covid-19 cases were detected among their staff.

Unfortunately, barred entry into certain countries has left countless ships without a destination or taking alternative routes to alleviate delays, wreaking havoc among the world's marine transportation facilities. However, there is a light at the end of the harbour. With more and more people getting vaccinated, organisations like the International Maritime Employers Council (IMEC) are now able to start shortening isolation times, hopefully freeing up more staff to keep ports running smoothly.

2. The popularity of personal shipping containers like the MoveCube® will continue to rise

Shipping containers are essential for protecting goods as they travel overseas. That's why Seven Seas Worldwide created the MoveCube®, an international shipping solution unique to our company. In essence, it's your own mini shipping container delivered to your door that you can pack with anything from boxes of books and suitcases of clothes to your sofa and washing machine. Once loaded, simply book a convenient collection date, fill in the online documentation, and our team will handle the rest.

Our MoveCube® is the perfect tool for overseas removals, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Firstly, the process requires little interaction between customers and staff as you pack the container yourself, then once sealed, no one else touches the contents until you open it in your new home. Secondly, the MoveCube® also acts as a safe and secure storage space if delays or rerouting issues arise during your shipments journey, allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that your belongings are together in one place.

3. Online shipment tracking will become even more essential

Another massive benefit of using Seven Seas Worldwide's international shipping services is that you can track your shipment's travels online in real-time. In the current environment where things can change rapidly, whether it's another bout of extreme weather buffeting transport networks or a sudden spike in Covid-19 cases, it's essential customers have a clear understanding of where their belongings are and what we're doing to combat the issue.

Not only does digital tracking give you greater peace of mind but having the power to check on your possession's location whenever the need arises enables you to prepare your own journey accordingly. Plus, we try to make our services as flexible as possible, so if your plans do end up changing considerably, we can either store your goods securely, return them to you or ship them to an alternative destination in our network.

Couple unwrapping goods after shipping overseas

We sincerely thank our customers for their understanding and patience over the past couple of years. Although we might not be in safe waters yet, our team remain dedicated to providing 100% transparency and doing their utmost to ensure your move is seamless and hassle-free.

Please feel free to contact our team of friendly shipping experts if you have any further questions or concerns — they offer advice in many different languages. Also, here are some additional resources if you would like to learn more about the global shipping crisis:

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